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Goodbye Microsoft Exchange and Hello Google G Suite

Like many established businesses, ChargeOver had used hosted Microsoft Exchange for years. Outlook email, contacts and calendar tools had served us well, but as an organization we were ready to make a change. The time commitment of migrating each user from Microsoft Exchange to Google G Suite made this a low-priority goal, even though we were already using many Google features such as Google Docs. Recently we decided to take the plunge and change to the Google platform.

Why We Made the Switch

There are many reasons why we migrated from Microsoft to Google and it starts with onboarding new employees. Many of our recent hires had never heard of Outlook and were unfamiliar with its features, but were very comfortable using Google. This let us know that times had changed and was the final push we needed to switch platforms.

We also really like Google’s new G Suite because it includes many features that improves productivity and communication while offering additional protections from phishing. The open API aspect of the platform allows us to easily integrate the ‘best of breed” tools and services we need for our growing business. It also improves our efficiencies and communication. For example, we can now:

  • Connect calendars to our scheduling software.
  • Connect our company calendar to our human resources software so everyone knows when someone will be out of the office.
  • Enter this information into one calendar rather than two, which saves us time and hassle, and reduces errors.

The Google Calendar app allows everyone to update their status, accept appointments and manage their tasks from anywhere, which also improves communication and productivity. There are other new features of G Suite that we are exploring and using every day, such as Keep, which is a great alternative to Evernote, Google Forms, Google Hangouts, and Google Slides. Also, migration from Microsoft Exchange to G Suite was easier than we anticipated.

Feedback from Our Team

The response from our team regarding the switch to G Suite has been resoundingly positive. These are just a few comments that we received about the results:

I'm just overall more comfortable using google based apps, and so it feels a lot easier to work with. It's what I use in my personal life and so it makes switching from work brain to life brain a lot easier for me. Being able to share calendars feels easier as well, visibility is important. Candice Fuller, Support Rep

Google drive is super convenient and so is the calendar. It auto generates events from email content, which saves me time as does the `sign in with google` functionality. Paul Rossman, Software Developer

Ease of use is great. Everything syncs and seems to run easier through Google. Being able to share personal calendars between my wife and I makes life easier to navigate. This allows me to manage everything in one place and easily filter things duplicate events or unnecessary information. Applying different colors to the calendars also makes it easy to quickly differentiate where tasks, events and appointments came from. The monthly view in Outlook isn’t nearly as easy to quickly digest. The Google Calendar app is also slick. Chris Dub, Customer Experience

The Challenge:

We encourage you to do as we did and jettison a system, software or other process that is comfortable but no longer fully supports your business. Resist the lure of the status quo. Keeping things as they are is probably less expensive, stressful and time consuming, but when that status quo holds you back rather than drives your organization reach its full potential it’s time to make a change. Consider the systems in your company that, while functional, no longer enhance your current operations and future growth, then research alternatives. Yes, change will take time but, as we learned at ChargeOver, when the end result best supports your business, it’s worth the commitment.

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