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Heartbleed Vulnerability

As reported in the news this week, a major vulnerability nick-named "heartbleed" was reported in OpenSSL, the open source cryptographic library used by websites around the world to protect users information being transmitted over the internet. The heartbleed bug impacted an estimated 2/3rds of all websites including Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Wikipedia.

  • We're writing to let you know that NO systems which store or have access to customer information were running the offending versions of OpenSSL. You can be assured that all of your information and your customer's data is secure.

3 Important Notes:

  • The ChargeOver platform was NOT affected by this vulnerability.
  • As a precautionary matter we have rekeyed our SSL certificates to ensure full security.
  • It is recommended that you change your password. (As a precautionary matter)

If you use the same password across multiple sites, that information may have been compromised and they may use it to access your ChargeOver account.

Please contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.

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