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Monthly Newsletter - August 2018

Hi everyone!

It's August already! Summer is over (but only if you're in Minneapolis - we're basically the North Pole here). I'm super bummed I have to put away the board shorts already.

Time to get back to work!

Let's see what's changed in ChargeOver this month...

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Rotessa - a new payment gateway for USA and Canada ACH and EFT/PAD payments

Use Rotessa to electronically withdraw money from your customers bank account when their payment is due for as little as .25 cents.

Rotessa processes direct bank withdrawls in both Canada (i.e. EFT or pre-authorized debits) and the USA (i.e. ACH).

Image result for rotessa logo

Improved usage metrics and details

For metered/usage-based billing, ChargeOver now provides some additional tools to get insight into usage metrics for each billing period.

If you click the "Show Usage Details" button, you'll now get access to a graph of usage metrics, along with helpful metrics like the average, sum, minimum and maximum values for each usage period. You can also see a detailed list of each usage data point your system has pushed into ChargeOver.

Using our PENDING INVOICES feature? Now you can pick-and-choose which invoices to process.

You can now pick and choose individual invoices to process when approving pending/held invoices, instead of having to manually bulk process them all at once.

Look for the checkboxes on the left of the invoices. You can click them to process only selected invoices.

Invoice forecasting - see future invoices before they are generated!

Need insight into what invoices will be generated in the future for a subscription?

Take a look at the Invoice Forecast, and you can view a preview of the projected future invoice forecast for a subscription at any time!

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