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August 2019 Product Updates

Ability to pull payments from QuickBooks Online into ChargeOver

Previously, payments could only be synced from ChargeOver to Quickbooks Online. Now, ChargeOver has the ability to pull payments from QuickBooks Online as well!

This feature is useful for when a payment gets recorded in QBO and is not reflected in ChargeOver. For example, if a customer pays by wire transfer, and the merchant's bank account is connected to QBO, that payment will show up in QuickBooks but not in ChargeOver. Now, ChargeOver will automatically pull that payment into ChargeOver. This means no more more worrying about having to manually enter QB payments into CO, and no more risk of a QB payment getting duplicated when syncing with ChargeOver.

View our help article to learn more about syncing payments from QBO to ChargeOver!

Payment in QuickBooks Online:

Payment in ChargeOver:


Our experience at Enterprise Rising 2019!

It was great to see everyone at Enterprise Rising 2019 in Minneapolis, MN! ChargeOver is a supporter of B2B Enterprise software startups based in the Midwest - lots of great companies to be on the lookout for!

If you're an enterprise SaaS startup then this will be the best room you'll be in all year. All startups. All enterprise. All tech. All Midwest.

Ryan representing ChargeOver in an interview with founder of Enterprise Rising, Casey Allen:


REST API support for fetching refunds against a specific payment

When you fetch a payment via the ChargeOver REST API, you now get any refund IDs related to the payment.

For developers who are building their own customer portal, or pulling payment history from ChargeOver into their own applications, this information is important for displaying accurate and complete payment history to their customers.

Learn more about fetching refunds for payments and vice versa here!

REST API improvements for syncing products/plans

We’ve made several updates to the ChargeOver REST API to better enable merchants to sync their own systems plan/product list with ChargeOver’s.

  • Multi-currency pricing updates - For multi-currency-enabled merchants who are syncing price or plan details between another system and ChargeOver, these enhancements allow other systems to push pricing for each currency to ChargeOver when creating a product via the REST API, rather than restricting you to one. Learn more about creating multi-currency products here!
  • Updating products/plans - Need to update one of your products? No problem! You now can do that with the REST API too! You can specify pricing in multiple currencies when updating a product as well! Learn how to update a product/plan via API here!
  • Deleting products/plans - Additionally, you can now delete plans/products from ChargeOver via the REST API too, helping you keep ChargeOver’s plan/product list in sync with your application. See how to delete plans and products via the API here.

Have questions? Many common inquiries can be answered on our help website, so be sure to check it out!

Either click the [Need Help?] button within ChargeOver, or visit