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Monthly Newsletter - December 2017

Happy Holidays, everyone!

'Tis the season for this month's ChargeOver updates!

Time really flies! This is our very last product update for the year 2017, which is pretty wild! (So wild, in fact, that we decided to spice things up even more by sending it out on a Tuesday instead of our usual Thursday.)

Thanks for visiting us at QuickBooks Connect 2017!

It was awesome to see everyone at this year's QuickBooks Connect! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello! We at ChargeOver are already excited to see you all again next year!



Are you stuck in the entrepreneurial grind?  

When you're a business owner, your life isn't always fun and games. It's easy to get stressed and feel overworked, especially during this busy time of year. However, no matter how much pressure you feel to get things done, it's important to take some time for yourself and step away from work to make sure you don't get burnt out. Not convinced? Click here to read our latest blog post about recovering from the entrepreneurial grind!

Prompt customers to pay open invoices when they update their payment method

When a customer updates their payment method via the “Update Payment Method" link, they now will also be prompted to pay their unpaid and/or overdue invoices. This is easy and convenient for your customers with outstanding invoices (especially when due to an expired credit card) as they can make their payments and update their payment method right at the same page! And, it will ensure for you that those unpaid invoices won’t go unnoticed or forgotten due to declined payments.


Push your lead and free-trial information into ChartMogul!

ChartMogul has added a new feature that allows you to track sales leads and free trial information for your business! This allows you to keep track not only of the number of new leads and free trials created over time, but also the rate at which your free trials are converting into paid customers and the average time it takes for a lead to turn into a paying customer! New customers that you create in ChargeOver will now automatically be pushed to your ChartMogul integration as a lead, and when a customer starts paying for a product in ChargeOver, they will automatically be converted from a lead to a paying customer in ChartMogul. Your free trial data in ChargeOver will also be pushed over!

Want to learn more about ChartMogul's lead and free-trial tracking feature? Click here to read their blog article about it!

REST API - Support for Quotes

With our new quote API endpoints, you can now create, update, and even email quotes via the REST API! You can also get a list of quotes or get a specific quote. Click here to view our REST API documentation on quotes.


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