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Monthly Newsletter - February 2018

Hi everyone!

We've officially made it through the first month of 2018! Here are some ChargeOver updates to kick off your February!

Planning to be in Minneapolis for Super Bowl LII?

If you’re going to be in Minneapolis for the Superbowl, feel free to hit us up! In the event that you need to plug things in and get things done, we have some desk space and wifi that we'd be glad to share with you!

Customer Spotlight: Infinity Marketing Group

This month's customer spotlight features Infinity Marketing Group!


Infinity Marketing Group is an inbound marketing agency based in Colorado, USA that has been in business for six years and has clients spanning over multiple industries across the United States. They specialize in digital marketing, helping customers with website development and design, mobile apps, managing social media, search engine optimization, online advertising and more! Before they found ChargeOver, Infinity Marketing Group was using another billing system that sent out invoices to their customers. However, the rest of the billing process, including collecting payments, Infinity Marketing Group had to do manually. The company was especially worried about their outstanding receivables from customers not making their payments on time. Now that they use ChargeOver, Infinity Marketing Group spends significantly less time on their billing and accounting, and has almost eliminated their outstanding receivables.

Interested in reading more? Click here for the rest of the story!

New Monthly Recurring Revenue Detail report!

You will soon see a new MRR Detail report under the Subscriptions section of the Report Center. The Monthly Recurring Revenue chart reports your normalized monthly subscription revenue. With monthly plans, the MRR is simply the price paid each month for the subscription. You will see in the report a list of all subscriptions billed in the selected month, the amount, and the corresponding invoice. If customers are paying for more than one month up front (e.g. 12 months), ChargeOver divides the amount paid for the subscription by the number of months in the subscription period.


Users with an Administrator role can now set what IP addresses other users can access ChargeOver from

Account administrators now have the option to set allowed IP addresses that other users can access ChargeOver, allowing them to restrict what locations employees can log in from for some extra account security. When you edit a user, you will now see a spot under "More Advanced Options" to enter the IP addresses you want to allow.  If an IP address is set for a user and they try to access ChargeOver from one that is not allowed, they will be unable to log in.


Warnings for customers outside the United States when paying via ACH/eCheck

When processing ACH/ eCheck payments, payment gateways can only do CAD currency debits for customers with CA bank accounts, and USD currency debits for customers with US bank accounts. This means that if a customer is from outside the U.S. and tries to use their non-US bank account to pay, the payment will fail. To prevent these failed payments, ChargeOver now displays a warning if it looks like the customer has a mis-matched currency/address (e.g. a customer in the US being billed in CAD) with what they can pay with.


Get the invoice(s) paid by a certain transaction via REST API

You can now use the transaction _id parameter when querying for invoices via API to see all invoices that were paid by a specific transaction. If a singe transaction was applied to multiple invoices, every one of these invoices will be returned from the query.


Have questions? Make sure to check out our help/support section!

Many common questions can be answered in our help section, so make sure to check it out!

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