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Monthly Newsletter - February 2019

It's February, the month of joy for some, painful agony for others, and hopefully lots of chocolate for both sides of the spectrum (those who are single have a right to eat away their heartbreak without judgement).

Just make sure you clean the chocolate off your fingers before you scroll through the latest updates from ChargeOver!

In honor of Valentine's Day: Did you know that billing with ChargeOver is making you more attractive?

I'm sure we've all thought of a hundred different ways we could make ourselves more appealing in the world of romance: becoming rich, getting a spray tan that might make you look like a nectarine, building up some Hulk-like abs. But, did you ever think that positive billing habits might be the secret to getting that first date? Click here to read the full post!

Support for the Nuevi payment gateway


ChargeOver now supports the Nuvei payment gateway (formerly known as GlobalOnePay) for credit cards and tokenized payment methods. View our help documentation to learn how to connect your ChargeOver account to Nuevi and process payments!

Support for hiding the Invoices tab in the Customer Portal


Particularly relevant for our Italian customers, it is now possible to configure your customer portal so that the Invoices tab is not available to customers. This ensures that your customers can update their payment methods and view subscriptions online, while still keeping you compliant with relevant legislation on invoice delivery.

Support for overriding tax rates via the REST API

It is now possible to override your configured tax rates when you create an Invoice via the REST API. Want to see how? Visit our API documentation for more information!

Button Creator Tool for Email Templates


You can now customize the emails sent to your customers even more with ChargeOver's new button creator tool for email templates! When you edit an email template in your account, you'll now see an icon to the right of the insert image tool that allows you to add a button to the template. You can set this button to bring customers to ChargeOver's links to view or pay their invoice, or update their payment method, or you can even use your own custom link!

ChargeOver now sends Sales Rep and External Key data to ChartMogul


ChargeOver now sends over information from the Sales Rep and External Key fields to ChartMogul as custom field data! You can use this to segment data in ChartMogul and build reports with your data from ChargeOver that weren't previously supported (e.g. MRR per sales rep).

Editable Quote Dates


It is now possible to have editable dates for your quotes! Have a quote that was supposed to be created last week? No worries! You can change the quote date to display the day you want it to, rather than only the day it was actually created. Want editable quote dates turned on in your account? Contact us!

Send receipts for payments synced from Xero into ChargeOver!

A few months ago, we told you that it was possible to pull payments from Xero into ChargeOver. Now we're here to tell you that you can send receipts for these Xero payments to your customers through ChargeOver! How convenient is that?

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