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Monthly Newsletter - March 2019

Hi everyone!

Here are the latest updates from ChargeOver!

Part one of our new blog series: Failed Payment Notification Teardown

As an experiment, we decided to learn what happens when our credit cards are declined by our primary payees. This experience has helped us identify which processes were streamlined and customer-focused, and those that were more cumbersome. We’ve decided to share our findings in a multi-part posting comparing our experiences with how different companies handle declined payments. Read part one here!

The customer-facing “Update Your Payment Method” page now indicates what existing payment methods are being used for subscriptions

Previously this page showed a customer all of their stored payment methods, but did not indicate which one was set as the default and/or being used for their subscriptions. The customer will now see a message next to any payment method that is being used for a subscription.


Support for displaying multiple currencies in reports for products/plans

Previously ChargeOver only had the ability to show a single product/plan rate in a single currency. Now we can customize your reports to show different tiersets/rates for each currencies on lists (such as the Plans & Products page in your account) and custom reports.


PDF invoices now indicate whether each line item is taxable

The default PDF invoice template now will show you whether or not each particular line item is taxable by marking taxable line items with a “T” next to the line item amount.

VAT numbers now automatically display on PDF invoices

If your company is based in the EU, your VAT # will by default be displayed on your PDF invoices as required.

Ability to query for subscriptions, items, and invoices by the mod_datetime and write_datetime using the REST API

ChargeOver’s REST API now supports filtering subscriptions, invoices, and items by the date they were created (write_datetime) and the date they were last updated (mod_datetime).

Support for processing payments with Bank of Montreal direct debit

ChargeOver now supports a direct connection to Bank of Montreal’s direct debit clearing house payment processing.

Level 3 processing support with

ChargeOver now has an upgraded integration with Authorize.Net’s new API, supporting Level 2 and Level 3 credit card processing.