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Monthly Newsletter - March 2020

New fields, and a cleaner interface for syncing data from ChargeOver to Salesforce

ChargeOver now supports syncing over 15 new fields to Salesforce. Some of these new fields include: # of days overdue a subscription is, brand names for various objects, the # of times a subscription line item will recur, cancellation date/times, flags for indicating of an invoice is a one-time vs. recurring invoice, external key values for various objects, and more!

We've also cleaned up the interface to make it a little easier for merchants who sync many different types of objects to Salesforce.

Search results improvements

We've made a number of improvements to ChargeOver's search results over the past few weeks.

You should see improved search results (especially for customers with characters like apostrophe's or ampersands in their names) and also some helpful tweaks like being able to click a customer name or invoice # shown in the search results.

New REST API endpoint for adjusting how payments are applied

We've added a REST API endpoint that allows you to adjust how payments are applied - for example moving a payment from one invoice to another, or applying a credit to a different invoice.

Advertise your social media presence on your invoices!

Make sure you update your social media URLs in your company settings in ChargeOver.

Now your Instagram, Yelp, YouTube, Pintrest and other social media links can be displayed directly on the invoices ChargeOver sends to your customers.