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Monthly Newsletter - May 2017

Hi there,

May is here!  The sun is shining, and summer is right around the corner! Here are the latest updates from ChargeOver:

MailChimp Contact Auto-Syncing

Improve your marketing automation with ChargeOver and MailChimp! We now support syncing contacts to MailChimp automatically.  Getting started is as simple as entering an API key, and choosing a list to sync. Each contact name and email gets pushed to MailChimp automatically.

Customizable date ranges for PDF statements


ChargeOver now supports custom date ranges for PDF statements!  Users can now choose between creating a lifetime statement, or specifying a date range for a list of relevant invoices and payments.

C# Library upgrades

ChargeOver's C# library has been completely overhauled!   The ChargeOver Github page now features much more support for a variety of ChargeOver-related operations, as well as providing new examples and code for the API.  You can check out a full list of the history of improvements here.

Automate your task flow through Zapier improvements

Big Zapier integration update!  Further automate your ChargeOver workflow through the use of Zaps. With ChargeOver and Zapier you can handle the automatic creation of subscriptions and customers based on triggers within Zapier.  For example, the integration allows you to build a workflow that will automatically create a customer if one is not found when looking up their email address. The update provides support for lots of actions, triggers, and fields - allowing you to create automations that make sense for your organization. Check out how to get started in connecting Zapier to your ChargeOver application here.

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