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Product Update Newsletter - May 2019

Hi everyone! It's time for a quick peek at ChargeOver's latest updates:

Part two of our blog series, Failed Payment Notification Tear-down:

As an experiment, we decided to learn what happens when our credit cards are declined by some of our service providers. This experience has helped us identify which processes were streamlined and customer-focused, and those that were more cumbersome. See how some of these companies handled their process here!

Support for shipping addresses on quotes

Previously, only a customer's billing address could be shown on quotes. Now, if your customer has a shipping address, that will display on the quote as well!


You can now set a customer's default payment method using the API

It is now possible to set which of a customer's payment methods is the default via the API. With our new endpoint, you can also set all of the customer's existing subscriptions and scheduled invoices to automatically use the payment method you set as default.

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