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Monthly Newsletter - November 2017

Hi everyone!

It is November at last and the ChargeOver team sure is thankful to have so many

amazing customers! That's why this month is absolutely stuffed with  awesome ChargeOver features and updates!

Customer Spotlight: Level One Sites

This month's customer spotlight is Level One Sites! Level One Sites builds attractive and effective websites for fitness companies like Crossfit, as well as other smaller businesses. They also develop custom web based software for fitness and health based clients and provide some small business consulting to help their customers run their businesses efficiently.  Before they started using ChargeOver, Level One Sites was struggling to keep up $3,000 dollars worth of missed or declined payment a month! Once they started using ChargeOver, Level One Sites managed to reduce their accounts receivable by a whopping 90%. Interested in reading more? Click here to learn more about Level One Sites and how they use ChargeOver!

Are you PCI compliant?

If you accept credit cards from customers, you NEED to be PCI compliant. Not being PCI compliant leaves your customers vulnerable to credit card theft and fraud, and can lead to a whole lot of legal issues for you.  Luckily, ChargeOver has your back! Click here to read more about PCI compliance and how ChargeOver keeps you compliant and your customers protected.

Ability to disable dunning for a particular contact

Don't want every single one of a customer's contacts to get dunning emails? For example, maybe one of a customer's contacts is a customer support email and you don't want overdue invoices sent to that address. Well, no problem! You now have the option when editing or creating a contact to exempt them from dunning. Other contacts for the customer can still receive overdue invoices, update payment method emails etc while the exempted one will not.  


Support for manual refunds

Have a payment that was made outside of ChargeOver that you need to refund? ChargeOver now supports refunding for manually recorded payments (for example, paper check or cash payments that you've manually put into ChargeOver). Even if the payment and refund took place outside of your ChargeOver account, you can mark it refunded in ChargeOver, specify the amount to refund, and have paper check or other outside payments correctly recorded in the customer's account.


Sales reps can now be assigned per line item on invoices

Have an invoice with multiple line items, each sold to the customer through a different sales rep? ChargeOver now allows you to assign a sales rep to each individual line item in an invoice. Contact us to have this feature enabled in your account!


Tax Exempt Customers report

A new Tax Exempt Customers report can now be found in the Accountant & Taxes section of your Report Center! This report displays all customers who have been marked as exempt from taxes.


 Recovered Payments report

A new Recovered Payments report has been added to the Payments & Pay Methods section of your report center. This report shows payments that originally failed but were later recovered. For example, if a customer's credit card payment to an invoice is declined and then a payment with that same card is later successfully applied to the invoice, both the failed and successful transactions will be recorded in this report.


Have questions? Make sure to check out our help/support section!

Many common questions can be answered in our help section, so make sure to check it out! Either click the [Need Help?] button within ChargeOver, or visit

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