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Monthly Newsletter - October 2018

Hi everyone!

Happy October everyone! This month's ChargeOver updates are so thrilling they could raise the dead!

First, a quick reminder that we will be moving a few options from the "Configuration" menu, and now will show under the new "Features and Add-Ons" menu instead.

Some of these features include:

Hosted Pages



Late Fees

Processing Fees



Custom fields for transactions

ChargeOver now supports custom fields for transactions! For example, want to track the reason for credits and refunds, you can add that as a custom field!

New merge tags to accept or reject quotes

You can now make life easier for your customers by using ChargeOver's new merge tags to include the links to accept or reject quotes right in an email! Including the merge tags {quote.url_rejectlink} and {quote.url_acceptlink} in your email template will make the URL for accepting or rejecting the quote easily and quickly accessible.

X-ChargeOver-Key Added to Webhooks header

When you receive a webhook from ChargeOver, you will now be able to see a "X-ChargeOver-Key" value in the HTTP header. This key can be checked against the security key/token in the webhooks configuration of your ChargeOver account to confirm that the Webhook is actually from ChargeOver. For more information about webhooks security or webhooks in general, visit our webhooks docs!

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