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Salesforce Integration Updates! October 2020

A big thanks goes out to the customers that have shared more about their needs so that we can build a better software!

With all of the time you spend making sure your business is running smoothly, it's important to invest in software that will boost your productivity! With ChargeOver the automation and integrative tools help keep you organized and on time. Below, are some new features and integrations that we created based on customer interviews. The more we know about you and your company, the better we understand how ChargeOver can improve

The New Stuff!

Better processes for syncing data from ChargeOver to Salesforce

ChargeOver now supports syncing over 15 new fields to Salesforce!

Some of these new fields include:

- Number of days overdue

- Brand names for various objects

- Number of times a subscription line item will recur

- Cancellation date/times

- Flags for indicating of an invoice is a one-time vs. recurring invoice

- External key values for various objects

- And more!

We've also cleaned up the interface to make it a little easier for merchants who sync many different types of objects to Salesforce.

For more specific help on Salesforce integrations such as syncing data, follow the help link here.

Custom Field Data Types

Previously we only supported a text field for custom fields on objects. This was not ideal in many cases since it required users to fill an empty text box with a value.

Now with custom field data types, ChargeOver supports select fields to limit variable data from your reports. This makes for better customization, more data points for reporting and a much easier process for entering data. Whether using the reporting internally or externally on invoices for customers, the data collected with be easier to systematically categorize.

Here are the types available:

Custom field data types dropdown

For more information on ChargeOver's Saleforce integrations, check out our help page!

Support Pins

We recently rolled out support pins which help to streamline the process of validating who you are when reaching out to our support team via live chat, email, or telephone.

For security, your support PIN will periodically change to keep your account secure. You can always retrieve your latest support PIN by clicking the "Need Help?" option on the left menu inside your ChargeOver account.

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