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Monthly Newsletter - September 2017

Hi everyone!

The warm, sunny days of summer may be coming to an end, but ChargeOver still has your back with this month's latest updates and features!

Come see us at Quickbooks Connect!

We're going to be at Quickbooks Connect in San Jose, California from November 15th to the 17th!  Come say hi and hang out; we’d love to see you!



Improved Quickbooks error messages displayed in the System Log

If Quickbooks rejects a transaction, fails to sync an invoice or add a customer, or anything else, we want you to know about it! We strive to give you as much feedback as possible to keep your billing running smoothly, so that you are not only aware of errors, but also can better understand what may have caused them.  That’s why we’ve improved the Quickbooks error messages that are displayed in the System Log found in your Report Center to be more informative and user friendly. In the event of a Quickbooks error message, you now will also get a notification on your ChargeOver account dashboard alerting you about the error.



Support for specifying how a refund should be distributed via the REST API


When refunding with `action=refund` via the REST API, it is now possible to specify which invoice(s) the refund should be applied to and how much from each invoice should be refunded. This is particularly useful when refunding (or partially refunding) a payment that has been applied to more than one invoice! Interested in learning more? Click here to review our REST API documentation for refunding a payment.

Support for a Class REST API endpoint


We now have support for a class REST API endpoint, allowing you to retrieve a list of your classes in ChargeOver via the API, and to query for a specific class using its class_id. Click here to learn more about querying for and retrieving classes via the ChargeOver REST API.

Improved preview support for email templates

Last but not least, we have improved the "preview" feature for email templates. Previewing an email template will now display the message in HTML (previously only displayed in plain text), allowing you to better see the format and buttons that will be displayed to recipient and get a more accurate idea of what your templates look like on the customer's end.


Have questions? Make sure to check out our help/support section!

Many common questions can be answered in our help section, so make sure to check it out! Either click the [Need Help?] button within ChargeOver, or visit

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