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Monthly Newsletter - September 2019

Customer Spotlight: AutoKlose

AutoKlose delivers a subscription-based automated sales and marketing tool that integrates an extensive database with email campaigns, contact management and sales intelligence to businesses large and small. They use ChargeOver to manage various client subscriptions, integrate with Xero and Stripe, and generate specific reports that support financial management and forecasting. Learn more about AutoKlose and how they use Chargeover by reading the full story here!

Support for mass updating pricing for a certain product on subscriptions

ChargeOver’s new mass price updater tool allows you to update the pricing on all existing subscriptions with a certain product. For example, say you have 328 customers on a plan that is $489 per month, and you would like to raise the price for those subscriptions to $549 per month and have that take effect with each customer’s next billing cycle. ChargeOver now lets you do just that! To read more about the mass price updating feature, and to learn how to use it, visit our help documentation!

Improvements to quotes for recurring subscriptions

Quotes have been updated to better support and represent recurring fees vs one-time and set-up fees! When your customer looks at a quote, the total recurring amount and the total amount for one time fees are clearly labeled. This makes quotes much more viable for subscriptions, giving you a smooth Quote-to-Cash solution.