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Monthly Newsletter - July 2019

Hi everyone!

This month, we have some much requested features and updates rolled out, and we are super excited to share them with you!

Support for syncing individual subscription line item rates to Salesforce

You can now sync the base price of line items and set-up fees for subscriptions into your Salesforce account! Previously you could only sync the last invoiced dollar amount, which could be inaccurate if the customer upgraded or changed their plan since their last invoice date. Now ChargeOver will sync the subscription's line item details with pricing. Usage tiers and pricing tiers are supported too! This feature is available and mappable in your Salesforce integration.



New 1st and 16th of the month payment cycle

Want your customers to be billed exactly twice a month? ChargeOver now supports a new 1st and 16th payment cycle! Subscriptions with this payment cycle will automatically invoice or charge the customer on the 1st and the 16th of each month. You’ll now see this option in the drop down menu in your account when you choose the payment cycle for a product or subscription. Using the API? Visit our documentation here to see how to set the 1st and 16th payment cycle for a subscription created via API.

Percentage discounts for one-off invoices

Previously, percentage discounts were only supported for subscriptions. Now, ChargeOver supports percentage discounts for one time invoices too! When you add a percentage discount to a one time invoice, ChargeOver will now automatically calculate the correct amount to discount from the invoice!

Support for Coupon Codes!

Introducing ChargeOver Coupon Codes!! A number of our customers have requested this feature, and it’s here at last! Coupon codes can be entered in Hosted Signup Pages, ChargeOver.js, and sent in via the REST API. To start we've implemented percent/dollar discounts and free trials. Coupons can be created, deactivated, and deleted in the Coupon Codes feature menu. Learn how to set up coupon codes in your account here!

ChargeOver now allows you to set up coupon codes that provide discounts or free trials to customers!



Your customers can enter in coupon codes when they sign up for a subscription through hosted sign-up pages


When a customer signs up with a coupon code, the discount or trial will automatically show up on their subscription!


Need more info? Feel free to contact us!

Many common questions can be answered in our help section, so make sure to check it out! Either click the [Need Help?] button within ChargeOver, or visit