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Monthly Newsletter — March 2021

We are beginning to thaw in the chilly tundra of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. While we dig out our lighter jackets and wait for our local patios to open, our team has prioritized launching some requested functions. Don't miss out, below we are sharing the podcast we co-hosted with our friends at Acuity and the entire recorded webinar with Avalara.

We asked customers to share their honest opinions on It was encouraging to hear that ChargeOver was making such a positive difference in their workflow. We were awarded with the High Performer badge for Winter of 2021.

"I like that our customers have a portal where they can log in, make payments, and view invoice history. ChargeOver also offers very robust reporting capabilities. You can sort and filter reports to find exactly what you need. Our old billing software took 4-5 hours to create and send the bills for 3500 customers each month, and ChargeOver does it automatically." — Administrator in Construction of an Enterprise

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Updates & Features

Drink While You Think — ChargeOver, Getting Paid Faster

Proud to be the sponsor of Drink While You Think! 😉 This episode our Co-founder Ryan Bantz joins Acuity Founder & CEO Kenji Kuramoto and CFO Matthew May for a discussion about staying chilled in Minnesota, billing/reports and bringing great value to your customers.

Pour yourself a brew and follow the Youtube link to watch the whole episode! 🍻

Automate and auto-pay child subscriptions, using a parent customer's credit card (or bank account)

If you use parent and child customers in ChargeOver, you can now auto-pay a child's subscription using a parent's payment method. Previously this was a manual process to run these payments within ChargeOver. Now you can have ChargeOver auto-pay these child subscriptions.

For more information, click on over to Parent-Child Customer Relationships - syncing, limitations, and functionality.

And to learn more about the new automated setup, check out How do I let child customers use a parent payment method on subscriptions?

Track why a quote was lost/rejected

ChargeOver has added support for capturing why a quote was lost. When your sales rep marks a quote as lost, they will now be prompted for cause. Additionally, you can customize the list of select reasons to fit your business!

Here's a refresher on How to Make a Quote or Estimate?

For more information, follow this help link for How to Mark a Quote as Lost?

Or this help link on How to edit your Quote Lost Reasons list.

2021 Sales Tax Changes — Avalara Webinar

Last month we hosted a Webinar with Avalara on the topic of 2021 and being tax compliant. In case you were unable to attend, here's what you missed!

Webinar replay:

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