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Monthly Newsletter — January 2021

2020 had us all feeling a little ... why tho?

2021 is time to start fresh. Let's talk about what wasn't working last year and how we fix it. 

When should you update your billing software:

  1.  Dinosaurs invented what you're using now.
  2.  The invoices don't have your branding on them.
  3.  It's more complicated than doing it on paper.
  4.  You have to juggle multiple programs to run it.
  5.  It makes your business look out of date.

Since billing and payment processing is our expertise, let's work together to give your business a great year. Prioritize getting the right software  by signing up today or get more information by chatting with our team.


Updates & Releases

Focus directed to the Columns button

Did you know you have the option to customize and choose which columns to show on a list of records in ChargeOver? Discover that more fields are filterable and available on lists of objects in ChargeOver! (e.g. the Columns button)

Use the Columns button to choose which columns you want to see on the list of customers, invoices, payments, refunds and more. We've added more column options to show and made more columns that are filterable/sortable as well! 


Special for developers - get a list of your REST Hooks

Need to get a list of the REST Hooks you have set up? ChargeOver now has an endpoint for that! See the ChargeOver Developers page for REST Hooks


Making all invoices exportable for a parent or regular customer

ChargeOver lets you batch export many PDF invoices at the same time. We've added more options to the PDF Invoice Export tool so that you can export batches of PDFs for a particular customer, a particular parent/child customer, invoices with sales tax or many other options.


Define custom fields for brands!

ChargeOver's brand features now support custom fields. You can define custom fields on a brand and use custom fields as merge tags in email templates, via our REST API and in your invoice/PDF templates. For more information and detailed instructions, check out our help center article on how to setup and use brands in ChargeOver!

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