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Monthly Newsletter - November 2020

You've probably noticed some updates with your ChargeOver software. We wanted to round them up and talk about how all of these updates come together to help you! When it comes to billing, every step that is made more intuitive, makes your day better. Here are a few updates that have been developed recently with your business in mind!

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Newly Released Features:

Listening to our customer's needs is a crucial part of our process. This month we have a few new releases that will make a big difference in keeping your business more organized!

Midigator dashboard

Midigator Integration to Help Fight Chargebacks and Recover Revenue!

This integration teams up with Midigator, a product that focuses on chargeback prevention and chargeback notifications. When a chargeback is requested the credit card company will be able to relay information in real-time that they collect from ChargeOver! If the chargeback is qualified it will then notify ChargeOver and it will be recorded and reporting.

Start by signing up with Midigator and connecting it to your ChargeOver account. ChargeOver will automatically communicate with Midigator to prevent chargebacks, and provide data to Midigator's control panel to facilitate fighting any chargebacks you do receive!

For more information check out this link

Let's Save Hours of Manually Syncing Customer Data With This PieSync Integration!

PieSync keeps your data in sync across all of your business apps, two-ways and in real-time. Neat fact, it is programmed to check for updates every 5 mins to make sure that all of the data that you have is up-to-date, reliable and secure. This means that you can worry less and be ensured that your entire team is working with the same set of data.

Keep data in sync between ChargeOver and over 240 apps including:

- HubSpot

- Salesforce

- ActiveCampaign

- Pipedrive

- Mailchimp

- Zoho CRM

- Constant Contact

- And many more!

For more information on data that can be sync'd with ChargeOver, check out

Additionally, here's a help link.

Top FAQ's From Customers

Q: What syncs from a ChargeOver customer to QuickBooks customer?

A: Many things! Here is a list to name a few:

- Your company and customer name

- First-middle-last names

- Phone numbers

- Emails

- Billing addresses

- Shipping addresses

- Currency(if multi-currency is enabled)

- Parent customer (if applicable)

- Custom fields (if applicable

Q: What syncs from an invoice created in ChargeOver to a QuickBooks invoice?

A: Even more things!

- Invoice numbers

- Custom fields (if configured)

- Classes (if used)

- Ship method / ship date / tracking number (if configured)

- Dates

- Due Dates

- Currency (if multi-currency is enabled)

- Exchange rate (if multi-currency is enabled)

- Net terms

- Memos

- Billing addresses

- Shipping addresses

- Taxes

- Shipping charges (as a line item in QuickBooks)

- Discounts (as a line item in Quickbooks)

- A/R accounts

- AND each individual line item, including: item/product/plan/SKU, descriptions, tax code/taxable status, rates and quantity. Phew — Try to say that all in one breath! If anything isn't mentioned, reach out to us here.

Q: What types of pricing does ChargeOver support?

A: ChargeOver supports several different flexible pricing schemes. We often get questions about the differences between flat, unit, tiered, and volume pricing. Here's an article covering all of those difference and more!

Q: What countries can ChargeOver support outside of the USA and Canada?

A: ChargeOver can support any country without limitations!

Your business and employees can be located anywhere. ChargeOver also supports multiple types of currencies. Different types of currencies can be used at one time and different payment gateways can be used for those different currencies as well! For more information, check this out!

If you're just getting started, here are a few other helpful FAQ's and answers.

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