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Monthly Newsletter - October 2017

Hi everyone!

It’s finally October, the spookiest time of the year! But don’t let that rattle your bones. With these ChargeOver updates, you can be sure that your recurring billing won't be the most terrifying monster you face this month.

Introducing Chris Dub, dedicated to your Customer Success

We are super stoked to introduce the newest member of the ChargeOver team: Chris Dub!


Rumor gets around that he likes long walks on the beach, sipping red wine until the sun rises, and fist bumping EDM music. Chris himself has confirmed that this is “surprisingly accurate.”

Chris has hit the ground running and many of you have likely already spoken with him or exchanged emails with him. If you haven't yet, you’ll be seeing him around as he helps make your experience with ChargeOver a successful and positive one. Welcome to the ChargeOver Team, Chris!

Are you leaving money on the table by not notifying customers of credit cards that will expire soon?

Not notifying customers when their credit card has expired or is about to expire can result in declined payments and lost revenue for you. That's why ChargeOver is equipped to keep not only you, but also your customers in the loop on expiring credit cards at all times! Want to know how ChargeOver can help you manage expiring cards and updating customers' payment methods? Click here to read more!

Editable transaction dates for credits and refunds

Previously the editable transaction dates feature was only available for payments, but now you can choose which date you want credits and refunds to be marked for as well. With editable transaction dates enabled, you now will get the option when creating any payment, refund, or credit, to specify the date of that transaction. This is useful when you make a refund, issue a credit, or take a payment outside of ChargeOver, and can’t record it in ChargeOver on the same day.


NOTE: Editable transaction dates are NOT enabled by default. Contact us to have this feature turned on in your account.

Pro-rate an existing item with a quantity change

ChargeOver now allows you to change the quantity of a subscription line item mid billing cycle and generate a pro-rated invoice for the difference. Previously, it was not possible to generate a pro-rated invoice for a quantity change in a subscription, and an invoice would have to be generated manually to compensate for the quantity and price change. Now, just tell ChargeOver to create a pro-rated invoice when you edit a quantity on a customer's subscription and you'll be good to go!


Build your brand by adding your logo to the emails ChargeOver sends

You can now add your company logo to all of your ChargeOver email templates. Click here to learn how to spice up your emails with your logo or image right away!


Have questions? Make sure to check out our help/support section!

Many common questions can be answered in our help section, so make sure to check it out! Either click the [Need Help?] button within ChargeOver, or visit

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