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Quick Recurring Billing Product Update

April has been a busy month for team ChargeOver, but a productive one. We just released a few minor product updates that we'd like to share.

Added support for advanced tax scenarios

Some states (such as Texas) have non-standard tax scenarios where certain percentages or dollar amounts of the total product or service billed is tax exempt, but the remainder is taxable. ChargeOver now supports these tax scenarios. It's the least we can do!

Squashed a bug in custom welcome emails

When you get a new recurring billing customer, ChargeOver customers can choose to automatically send that customer a default or customized email. There was a bug in the selection of default v. customized email. Yikes! That bug is no longer.

If you're not sending a welcome communication out to your new customers (through our system or another), we highly recommend it. A strong onboarding program is proven tactic that helps you build connections with your customers from the beginning of your relationship with them. A welcome email is just one aspect of an onboarding program - but it's a solid first step.

Powered up the API

For developers, the REST API now supports a way to attempt refunds as well as payments via the API. It also exposes additional helpful fields, such as whether or not an invoice pro-rated and the dates of any pro-ration. These fields will also appear at the individual pricing package level.

As always, if you are seeking specific functionality in your recurring billing or subscription billing application, please don't hesitate to contact us. In many cases we already have the feature you need. In other cases, we're capturing customer feedback to help prioritize our roadmap. Thank you so much for your feedback so far. We look forward to more!

More updates to come as we move into May.

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