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ChargeOver integrates with QuickBooks Online

With ChargeOver and QuickBooks, you are in charge of every aspect of your business

QuickBooks Online has the tools to run a business from top to bottom. The integration with ChargeOver take accounting and management to the next level.

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How to connect QuickBooks Online
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Dynamic tools built for speed and accuracy

Finally an integration that works as hard as you do. Get paid on time and stop chasing payments every month. QuickBooks and ChargeOver automates recurring billing and custom payment plans and subscriptions. There’s no more manually invoicing and entering data. And best of all, no awkward talks about overdue invoices.

This integration has some incredible features that include:

  • Automation
  • Real-time sync
  • Recurring payments / subscription billing
  • Works with Intuit Payments or other payment gateways (e.g., Stripe, PayPal, etc.)

For help connecting to QuickBooks Online, see our Connecting QuickBooks Online to ChargeOver Tutorial

Supercharged recurring payments with any payment gateway

ChargeOver’s flexible subscription billing lets you supercharge QuickBooks for recurring payments.

  • Collect credit card and ACH/eCheck payments via your Intuit Payments account,, Stripe, or one of ChargeOver’s many other supported payment gateways.
  • Flexible flat, tiered, and usage-based billing that is integrated tightly with QuickBooks Online.
  • Automate customer follow-up, automatic payment retries/reminder messages, and much more.

Automatically automated

You don’t have to click any extra buttons, or do any extra steps, to have ChargeOver automatically and immediately sync customers, invoices, and payments into QuickBooks Online.

  • Automatic real-time sync - when ChargeOver creates an invoice or an invoice gets paid, that data flows to QuickBooks Online immediately.
  • Accurate and Intuit-approved - ChargeOver works closely with the Intuit QuickBooks’ team to ensure that your data syncs accurately, with all the data you need to close your books.

Full details you need to be stored in QuickBooks Online

ChargeOver syncs detailed customer, invoice, and payment information directly into QuickBooks.

  • When a customer is created or updated in ChargeOver, they sync to QuickBooks Online with company name, contact person, email addresses, phone numbers, bill/ship addresses, and more.
  • When invoices are created or updated in ChargeOver, they sync to QuickBooks with the same invoice number, a link back to ChargeOver, dates, due dates, taxes, and individual line-item detail with products, rates, quantities, tax codes, and more.
  • When invoices are paid in ChargeOver, the invoice in QuickBooks automatically gets marked paid along with the payment date, payment method (e.g. Visa, check, etc.) and more.

About QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is a cloud based financial management software. It is designed to slash the time you spend managing your business finances, by helping you with tasks such as: Managing your customers and suppliers.

  • Creating estimates and invoices
  • Tackling sales and cash-flow
  • Managing your customers and suppliers

"We started with ChargeOver the beginning of the year and have loved every minute of it. There were countless hours spent invoicing in the past, now it’s just done automatically! It works so well with QuickBooks Online. Outside of the easy to use product, is the amazing customer service. I cannot talk highly enough on how great they are to work with."

KHamstra — QuickBooks Online Reviews