Recurring ACH Payments

Easily set up recurring ACH payments with ChargeOver and save on transaction fees.

ACH (also known as e-checks) payments are smart for your business and your customers.

  • ACH processing fees are lower than credit/debit card processing fees. Pay less to the payment processor on each sale.
  • Customers who are wary of using credit cards online (or at all) may prefer e-checks.
  • Small businesses that accept checks as a courtesy may be able to convert check-writers to electronic payments.
  • Many enterprise customers will not pay via credit card for a recurring service, but they will set up an ACH recurring payment.

Offering a small “ACH payment discount” is a way to provide an enterprise customer a discount without undermining the value of your product.

Your business will typically save a certain percentage on any purchases made via ACH. The savings will vary depending upon the payment form and the payment processors you use, of course. You can choose to bank that discount, or, if necessary, you could pass that savings on to your enterprise customer.

ChargeOver makes it simple to offer ACH payments for recurring billing or subscription billing customers.

Customers can sign up to make ACH payments just as quickly as they can sign up to make credit or PayPal payments. Most customers just reference a blank check from their wallets for the minimal required information, and they’re all set in five to seven minutes.

To accept ACH payments, you will need to choose a payment processor (gateway) to work with those payments.

In ChargeOver, you can choose a single processor to work with both credit and ACH. Or you can choose separate processors. We encourage you to investigate the many options available in the market. As your business grows, you should revisit these choices as your sales volume impacts your eligibility for discount pricing. Have questions? We’re happy to help.

ChargeOver currently supports these ACH/e-check payment processors:

  • BluePay
  • Forte
  • NMI/Network Merchants
  • USA ePAY

If there’s another provider you would prefer to use, please let us know. We are continually growing our payment provider integration set. Your feedback helps us prioritize that list.