Xero Recurring Payments

Set up and automate Xero recurring payments and subscription billing with ChargeOver.

Xero recurring payments are easy to set up and automate using ChargeOver. Save time and get paid faster. Let the ChargeOver recurring billing software take care of data entry and automatic billing so you can focus on your business.

Here’s how ChargeOver brings recurring billing to Xero:

  • When you win a new subscription customer:
    • The new subscription customer’s information is entered into Xero directly or automatically through web forms or the API.
    • ChargeOver pushes the new subscriber’s information to Xero.
  • When you invoice or bill customers:
    • ChargeOver bills customers according to your instructions
    • ChargeOver pushes the recurring invoice with detail to Xero.
  • When your customers make payments:
    • ChargeOver notes the payment in Xero as received.
    • ChargeOver creates the payment in Xero.
    • ChargeOver marks the invoice created in Xero as paid.

That’s how ChargeOver and Xero work together!

Common questions about the ChargeOver and Xero billing integration:

Is the data syncing between Xero and ChargeOver bi-directional?

No. ChargeOver automatically sends data to Xero, but Xero doesn’t automatically send data to ChargeOver. During setup, a manual process is used to copy your customer data from Xero to ChargeOver, but that’s the last time data moves in that direction.