About us

Improving subscription billing for over a decade

We started because most subscription billing software sucks—and we want to make a solution that works for the user, not against them.

Our mission is to change how customers do recurring billing and make it less of a hassle. Dare we say, maybe even make billing enjoyable. (I’ve been to accounting holiday parties—I know you guys party.🤫) We put that energy into making ChargeOver. Our team is curious and driven and that helps us continue to grow alongside you.

Our award-winning Customer Success Team is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Customers love ChargeOver’s policy where every customer is welcome to live customer support. Connect with a customer success champion via Live Chat, email, or phone. Because great service is what we provide.

The folks running ChargeOver

Ryan Bantz


Keith Palmer


Chris Dub

Director of Customer Success

Alana Lambert

Developer Intern

Bryan Vohnoutka

Partnership Manager

Adam Spayd

Developer Intern

Tim Hinz

Software Developer

Paul Rossmann

Software Developer

Kenzie Kirchoff

Marketing & Brand Lead

Joey Rebne

Jr. Software Developer

Emily Austin

Executive Assistant

Jonathan Lee

Jr. Software Developer

Danielle Sons

Customer Support Representative

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Who needs friends when you’ve got the ChargeOver team?

Our team has stayed small so that when you call, you know who you’re talking to. ChargeOver’s team was developed with the mindset that combining the right strengths would create a well rounded, passionate, and empathetic group.

At ChargeOver you’ll find a team that enjoys working together and likes making solutions for the obstacles that challenge you with your billing.

When invoices are managed correctly, it greatly effects many aspects of how the business can prioritize funds and customer relationships. It’s our mission to show up everyday with solutions that help businesses run more efficiently.

Core Value #4 Listen, Understand, Do It!

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