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All Plans Include:

Gain instant access to core tools & features to run & grow your subscription business.

Flexible Billing Models

From simple fixed-price subscriptions to complex metered, quantity-based, and add-on configurations, we’ve got you covered.

Mobile Friendly Signup Pages

Sign up customers with beautifully designed, mobile friendly signup pages that are ready to use "out of the box."

Preconfigured Strategies

Maximize revenue retention with preconfigured strategies that can be implemented with a single click.

Multiple Payment Methods

Accept credit cards, PayPal, and ACH for recurring transactions.

Subscription Lifecycle Emails

Customize automated emails for signups, trial expirations, and other milestones along the subscription lifecycle.

Preventative Communication

Alert customers about expiring cards along with a link to update their credit card information.

Tax Management

Avalara integration automatically calculates and bills the correct tax amount based on the customer's location.

Self-Service Billing Portal

Allow your customers to self-manage their subscriptions with our Billing Portal—no coding required.

Automated Retry Schedule

Adjust the frequency of retries after a failed transaction based on your desired schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I sign up?
You will gain access to a free sandbox account that allows you to test all the features of ChargeOver but is limited to test transactions only. When you are ready to accept live subscriptions, you can upgrade to a paid plan that fits your needs.

What is a monthly active customer?
A monthly active customer is defined as customers with an active subscription or who have paid for or owe you money for your product. For example, someone who paid you for the current month is a paying customer. Additionally, someone who owes you for the current month is a paying customer.

What is a non-active customer?
A non-active customers is someone who does not yet have a subscription or had a subscription but has now been cancelled. Non-active customers don't count towards your monthly usage.

What happens if I go over the number of paying customers included in my plan?
When you go over the number of customers in your plan, you're automatically upgraded ot the next tier and vise-versa.

Do you charge transaction fees?
No, ChargeOver’s pricing is fixed and based on the number of paying customers your business bills. There are no additional "per transaction" or a "percentage of revenue" fees added on.

Are there payment gateway fees?
ChargeOver plans do not include your payment gateway and merchant account fees. The typical fee is 2.9% + .30 per transaction, but this may vary depending on your gateway and merchant account provider.

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