15 Unbelievably Useful (& Free) Business Startup Calculators

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Why We Searched for Business Startup Calculators

No one on our team loves Excel enough to build spreadsheets from the ground up. Besides, we can find more productive uses for their talents than duplicating the business startup calculators that others have shared on the Internet.

Here's the best of what we found on our search for business startup calculators. Most of these tools have a lot more than equations to offer. It turns out that the wisdom and experience of their makers can't be duplicated.

For Early Stage Startups or Startups in Transition

These calculators cover some of the expenses that many startups wish they'd carefully estimated before they started up. Would-be founders, here's your chance to show us how it's done.

Screenshot from the Co-founder Equity Calculator

Startups with Traction

Have traction? This next set of calculators helps you determine the amount and costs of the inputs your startup requires for steady growth.

  • Employee Cost Calculator from Staff.com helps you estimate your full cost per employee, down to their office equipment. We did not see Kleenex factored in, however.

Ad Spend Calculator Screenshot

For Every Startup

Startup Growth Calculator Screenshot

The thing is deceptively simple. Provide some basic inputs and boom: you'll know how much funding you need to maintain your current growth rate and when your startup will break even.

Bonus: the code for this calculator is on GitHub.

For Your Future

The Calculator for New Stock Investors by Humberto Valle may seem like an odd way to end our list. Think of it as a light at the end of the startup tunnel.

Doing a startup isn't easy, and optimism can be difficult to maintain. Save this last calculator. We believe you're going to need it, and you should, too.

Thanks to a few makers for sharing some of the above resources with us previously.

We are on the hunt for the best of the best business startup calculators. Do you know of any we can add to this list? Please share in the comments or via email. Thanks so much!

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