7 Ways to Start Billing Smarter

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Here's the scenario:

You've been building up a great business. The product is awesome. Your team is awesome. Your customers are awesome. Everything has been moving so fast and then you notice that you need to give more attention to how you've been handling the process of billing your customers.

You're not alone. Many businesses take off without a billing workflow that is flexible enough to grow at the same rate as the company's growth. Eventually a hiccup will occur and sometimes it's a small speed bump in the road that they can course correct easily. Other times it becomes a road block sized challenge. Don't let billing take you off-road.

Jump into our metaphorical 4-wheel drive vehicle and let's go through some ways to create a better way to do billing before it becomes an issue.

  1. Find software that can consistently and accurately help you stay on top of subscriptions, invoices, payments and communications. Having an automated helper ensures that tasks are done right and on-time.
  2. Help your accounting team! Giving your team the right tools to manage subscriptions and recurring billing will make everyone's job easier. Human errors cost time and money. When your team has the capabilities to streamline routine tasks and focus on the details, they will perform much better.
  3. Create hosted signup pages so that your customer can do the heavy lifting --- without lifting more than a finger. (Okay, 10 fingers in order to type in the info required.) Let your customers sign-up for subscriptions or make purchases easily via a secure hosted sign-up form. No web development knowledge or work on your end required.

*$%#@ I've already hit the billing road block!

We're here to help! Like we stated, a lot of businesses start up without a game plan for dealing with billing. If you're eyeballs deep in spreadsheets that are somewhere between neutral good and chaotic evil, it's time to level up your workflow.

  1. Let's get organized without losing everything. ChargeOver can get you onboarded with an easy setup. We have team members to support you through the process. If you're into holding hands, we are too.
  2. It's time to glow up! Get custom branding across all customer-facing products. You don't need your billing software to have their branding on your business's materials. Customize documents and customer portals so the customer experience is smooth.
  3. Review the reports and insights. Once you're settled into the software, start learning about what is going on with your business. See reports on data that you weren't thinking about before. Track MRR, ARR, churn, lifetime values, balances and average spend per customer.
  4. Continue growing. With software that can handle your unique recurring and subscription billing needs, you can grow without needing to reevaluate at the next milestone. However, not all software is created equally. Set up a demo and walk through your pain points to learn how their solutions can solve your challenges.

ChargeOver has the flexibility to work with small business and large enterprises.

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