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Are you managing multiple spreadsheets in order to keep your billing organized?

Spreadsheets work for keeping track of a couple customers. When a business is starting to track billing data, a simple Excel document with a few columns can be enough. As the business grows and their number of customers and products expands, manual spreadsheets quickly become confusing.

What is frustrating about keeping track of spreadsheets this way, is that it is difficult to hand-off to person. Whether you need a day off or you're hiring a new employee, teaching someone your unique process of juggling spreadsheets can be confusing and embarrassing (if you're unorganized.)

As your product offering gets bigger, so do the spreadsheets. We call them SPREAD MONSTERS --- because, although theoretically it works, in reality they're clunky, hard to read and sometimes pitted with unseen errors.

How accurate are your spreadsheets?

SPREAD MONSTERS - YIKES! - aren't inherently bad. When a spreadsheet is born, the goal is to track some useful data and keep a business's business in order. Where they become unruly is when variables and time management take the lead.

New offerings, discounts, pricing tiers, number of seats, and many other variables can cause big headaches! As the business grows, so do responsibilities outside of managing invoices and payments. "Where does the time go and how can I get it back??" < What we hear folks trying to figure it all out manually say.

When you're short on time and juggling too much, it leads to errors. Errors lead to time lost, productivity lost, and money lost. We aren't pointing fingers, but it's most likely the SPREAD MONSTERS' fault.

Are you handling the billing of multiple products?

Nice! Now, if you're doing it manually, think about all that you could be doing if the majority of the billing was automated. You could be analyzing data, uncovering lost revenue, or working on your golf swing. Seriously, automation is our friend. Find out how to minimize your manual labor of repetitive actions and turn it into productivity with ChargeOver. Minimize the human and SPREAD MONSTERS errors by compiling your current lists into organized products and customers for recurring invoices, billing and payments. Like shining a light in a dark room, the SPREAD MONSTERS can be diminished with a few clicks.

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