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ChargeOver Integrates with Salesforce

Quote-to-cash with Salesforce and ChargeOver recurring payments

Integrate and automate the management of your end-to-end business processes now!

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How to connect SalesForce
Salesforce on computers

Your team working as one, no matter where they're located

In order to streamline your workflow, you need the right tools. Salesforce is the worlds #1 CRM platform with the mission to keep your customers happy. ChargeOver automatically manges and organizes the information and wins collected from Salesforce — creating a smooth transition from a potential lead to a life-long customer.

SalesForce Process Chart

How Salesforce Quote-toCash works with ChargeOver

Automate your quote-to-cash subscription sales cycle with ChargeOver and Salesforce

When the opportunity is created in Salesforce and later won, ChargeOver can immediately and automatically create a subscription, invoice your customer, and collect payment for future auto-billing. Smooth!

Real-time sync with Salesforce — Exactly how you want it

Salesforce and ChargeOver plug into your business the way you want them to. You can control what data syncs between ChargeOver and Salesforce, when the data syncs, and control the workflows that make it happen.

  • Handle complex opportunity workflows - You're in control of how and when data syncs between Chargeover and Salesforce.
  • Sales and analytics at your fingertips - Now you can sync subscriptions, invoices, payments, and much more into Salesforce. Allow your executive team to make the data-driven sales decisions they need.
  • Sync ChargeOver data to and from custom fields, custom objects, and customer relationships in Salesforce.

Automated renewals and recurring billing for Salesforce

Let ChargeOver supercharge your recurring payments with Salesforce.

With a buttoned-up workflow, you're almost guaranteed to have more renewals. By automating passing data between ChargeOver and Salesforce, you will have the information you need in one place and consistent branded communication with your customers.

  • Collect credit card and ACH/eCheck payments via your Intuit Payments account,, Stripe, or one of ChargeOver's many other supported payment gateways.
  • Flexible flat, tiered, and usage-based billing that is integrated tightly with Salesforce.
  • Automate customer follow-up, automatic payment retries/reminder messages, and much more.

Get onboarded and all into one system

You're busy using multiple apps, managing incoming jobs. and trying to find the cup of coffee that you just put down. Staying informed and organized is complicated. And it eats up a lot of your time. Being able to onboard with help and having your data on your dashboard will save you time.

  • Log into one system to do all of your billing.
  • Put all of your billing and reports on your dashboard so that your CRM and Billings are side-by-side.
  • Onboarding Support - Get up and running fast with our support team. Import data from Salesforce right into ChargeOver.

About Salesforce

Salesforce is the world's #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

  • Salesforce can help your marketing sales, commerce, service, and IT teams work together
  • Salesforce is cloud based
  • "With customer 360, you can focus your employees on what's important right now: stabalizing your business, reopening, and getting back to delivering exceptional customer experiences"

Connecting ChargeOver to Salesforce

"There aren’t many companies with a great product who are also great at customer service. But ChargeOver excels at both. That’s why I recommend it so highly to anyone looking for a payment solution."

Ryan Parshall. President of Lure Creative — Featured Customer Review