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1-800 Accountant gets a billing process that breaks the one template rule.

Exosite Creates 100% Automated Billing Process with ChargeOver API

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1-800Accountant had multiform requirements on their search for new software. They needed a flexible platform specifically created for their needs, not something "off the shelf." Their team required a mix of many different subscriptions, products, prices and use cases for billing. They needed to be able to apply multiple payments into one line item and they needed to be able to have control over large and small scale invoices.

During the implementation process, as with many customers, new use-cases arose and the ChargeOver software needed to expand. The ChargeOver team custom configured their dashboard to meet the needs and to support the 1-800Accountant team. The custom coded features allowed for our customer to see new analytics and reports that they were not able to see prior.

“(The requirements ...) Sound really simple but when you get into the complexity, they become really difficult. But this has allowed us to see how much revenue we generate... these are the questions we are now able to answer.”
Ryan Teeples, CTO of 1-800Accountant


ChargeOver has a tight integration that allows customers to integrate their workflow with Salesforce. By having this built in collaboration it allows customers, like 1-800Accountant, to have the flexibility to manage their reporting and analytics without needing to start over or re-sync all of the previously collected data.

1-800Accountant also keeps their multiple brands organized by using their own branding across all client facing assets. ChargeOver allows their customers to use their own branding on invoices, emails, billing addresses and more for a more cohesive customer experience.

"Our technical specialist Keith was not only great on the technical side, but also very good on the business side. He understood what we were trying to accomplish and helped us devise a technology solution for it. Not just in ChargeOver, but in Salesforce where the data ultimately resides”
Ryan Teeples, CTO of 1-800Accountant


Customers, invoices, subscriptions, payments, credits, refunds, and more, all sync from ChargeOver, to Salesforce so that they can report on things in Salesforce.

Some custom code created for 1-800Accountant includes the code to transfer data from Salesforce to ChargeOver, which ChargeOver uses to build and present a quote. This allows the sales reps to choose to send the quote in ChargeOver out to the lead so they can accept the quote and pay, or they can take payment info over the phone and confirm the quote/take card data over the phone on behalf of the customer.

ChargeOver masters juggling multiple payment gateways for one customer! In this case: First Data, and NMI.

See all of the payment gateways that ChargeOver works with.

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