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Ballparc Streamlines Their Billing With ChargeOver’s Seamless QuickBooks Integration


Complex customer relationships managed in ChargeOver


Flexibility and invoice customization


Time it takes to onboard new customers


Ballparc provides parking tools to improve operational efficiencies and provide data access for stadiums, cities and event venues. Their system replaces ineffective paper ticket processes that are difficult to monitor and track. Ballparc also provides products that clients use to write tickets, address disputes and accept payments.

Before they found ChargeOver, Ballparc used QuickBooks for all of their invoicing, but struggled to fit all of their needs within the QuickBooks platform. Now, with ChargeOver integrated into their QuickBooks system, they have a streamlined and reliable process for billing clients. ChargeOver’s flexibility allows them to manage clients with complex business structures and improves customer satisfaction.

About Ballparc

Ballparc was founded in 2012 and began as a parking app that delivered a cost effective, flexible system for managing event parking. The Ballparc app gives parking operators the real-time information they need to maximize income, and the ability to accept a variety of payment methods. The app increases customer satisfaction, boosts revenues and streamlines operations.

Two years later, they launched Ballparc Enforcement, a system which serves smaller and mid-sized market operators whose needs were not addressed by other products on the market. Ballparc Enforcement delivers sophisticated end-to-end citation management to these companies, from issuing a citation to its final resolution and payment.

Ballparc now serves parking operations in over 37 states across the United States -- and their client base continues to grow.

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The Problem

Ballparc’s business structure is unique and QuickBooks Online (QBO) couldn’t meet all of their needs alone. “Billing was our biggest challenge. Before ChargeOver we used only QuickBooks Online. We had to create a lot of work-arounds to make our needs fit into their box. We had one month when only 10% of our invoices charged. This forced us to recreate the template for each outstanding invoice. This was when we knew we needed to make a change,” said Ballparc CEO Taylor Chapman.


The Solution

Ballparc needed new invoicing and payment system, so the company founder, Taylor Chapman conducted an online search for viable options. In addition to ChargeOver, he completed trials with multiple competitors, comparing ease of use, flexibility and cost. Of all the available options, Taylor chose ChargeOver because it gave him and his company “the flexibility to address our needs.” It also helped that ChargeOver was reasonably priced - according to Taylor, “price was definitely a factor” when he explored his options.

Ballparc’s first impressions of ChargeOver were very positive. “It had great usability straight out of the box,” said Taylor. “It was easy to set up the basics and customize as we went along. There was tons of flexibility and it was easy to figure out how to use the different options and how to do what we wanted.”

The integration with QuickBooks Online allowed Ballparc to easily bring all of their existing QuickBooks customer information directly into ChargeOver, and get them set up for billing. “Client transfer was perfect,” said Taylor. “ChargeOver also allows us to see the different relationships between customers and subscriptions clearly. Some of our clients have complex relationships through various ownership structures and some of these underlying entities use different subscriptions. With ChargeOver, we can see these complex relationships and also bill our clients by individual entities, grouped entities, or the parent company for all services and subscriptions depending on their request.”

With ChargeOver, Ballparc can also onboard new clients faster than ever before. “We can set up the billing quickly and efficiently to get the company started using our services,” said Taylor. In addition, the billing reminders help improve Ballparc’s accounts receivable holdings.

What’s more, Ballparc was able to reap all the benefits of easy, efficient and reliable billing through ChargeOver while still preserving their own branding. The ChargeOver team was happy even to build Ballparc their own custom designed invoice templates to send out to customers! “I really like the fact that, from the customer’s perspective, they are receiving our invoice versus an invoice from ChargeOver,” stated Taylor.

Ballparc didn’t face many issues at all when they switched to using ChargeOver, but when they did have the occasional question or problem, they had a great experience with ChargeOver’s customer service. “We definitely appreciated the quick response to our few challenges,” said Tayler.


The Result

Ballparc enjoys working with a system that is flexible and customized to their current needs, yet can be adjusted to support their growing business. The ability to quickly onboard new clients boosts the customers’ first impressions of Ballparc and gets cash flowing more quickly to both the clients and the company. There is no more concern about invoices sitting unsent or getting delayed, and ChargeOver’s pricing helps Ballparc’s bottom line. They have gained significant efficiencies after switching to ChargeOver and they love the fact that it seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Online.

Taylor Chapman is so pleased with ChargeOver’s services that he said: “We would definitely recommend ChargeOver to other companies. I looked at and completed trials with all of ChargeOver’s competitors. ChargeOver’s flexibility, ease of use, support and individualized attention to detail far surpassed all of the others.”

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