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ChargeOver Helps EMyth Slash 4 Hours of Busywork Per Day in Accounting

4 Hours

Reconciliation Saved Per Day in Accounting

6 Hours

to Onboard a Client Before ChargeOver

10 Minutes

to Onboard a Client After ChargeOver


Coaching firm EMyth was looking for an effective way to onboard, bill, and manage clients. Their old process took six hours and 100 steps to onboard a new client. In accounting, staff members were spending hours each day manually reconciling transactions. Then EMyth found ChargeOver. Today, using ChargeOver’s platform, EMyth onboards a new client in 20 minutes—with just six steps. In accounting, the company has freed up four hours of productivity per day by eliminating the manual reconciliation work required in their old process.

About EMyth

EMyth was founded on a simple idea: that small businesses are not started by entrepreneurs. They’re started by people who’ve developed a craft—something they know how to do better or different than anyone else—but who never learned how to do all the things that are required to build a successful business. EMyth coaches help small business owners create consistency and predictability, improve their financial metrics, and find more meaning in their business.


The Problem

EMyth believes in process. “EMyth was founded by Michael Gerber,” said Jed Bickford, EMyth’s Director of Product Development. “He saw that every time you bring more structure and systemization into your work, you produce a more consistent and more predictable result.” It’s not just with clients. Internally, EMyth is always looking for ways to systematize its work. That’s why the company began looking for a recurring billing provider. “Our client onboarding process took almost 6 hours and had over 100 steps,” Bickford said. “We knew we could do better.” As it began evaluating providers, the team at EMyth hired a well-known market-research firm to help identify the right solution. “We were so committed to getting it right, we had a spreadsheet with over 50 different companies that provided subscription billing, and we looked at all of them.” “That’s how we found ChargeOver.”


The Solution

After evaluating the different providers, it was clear ChargeOver had the tools and support EMyth was looking for. “To our surprise, when we got on the phone with ChargeOver, we were talking to the CEO and CTO,” Bickford said. “We were blown away by their warmth and desire to serve us.” With the help of ChargeOver’s support team and API, EMyth fully integrated its accounting system with ChargeOver’s recurring billing platform. Despite a complex integration, the process ran smoothly, taking only six weeks to get everything installed and running.


The Result

With ChargeOver, EMyth immediately saw positive results. The onboarding process was dramatically streamlined—a major goal of the project. “It was a huge win,” Bickford said. “With ChargeOver, we’ve gotten our new client onboarding down to six steps and literally ten minutes to set up a new client. It’s pretty incredible.” In finance, Accounting Manager Michael Anderson no longer has to manually enter invoices, payments, or refunds into his accounting system. “It’s all integrated with our accounting system, which was amazing when we actually realized what it could do,” Anderson said. “Since ChargeOver, I’ve cut my daily reconciliation of A/R by 4 hours a day,” he added. “Before I would have to input everything manually—all the invoices that were generated that day, all the payments, and any refunds or credits. ChargeOver now does that all for me.”

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