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Exosite Creates 100% Automated Billing Process with ChargeOver API

Exosite Creates 100% Automated Billing Process with ChargeOver API

Days of labor saved each month
Simplified API Integration
Automated Billing


Exosite is a growing company that provides software solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). Based in Minneapolis, Exosite helps customers develop, deploy, and manage connected products, putting device data online where people and systems can leverage it. Exosite needed a subscription billing solution. The company’s existing process was labor-intensive, complex, and prone to errors. 

Exosite’s customers pay a monthly fee to use the company’s cloud platform. For most Exosite customers, the fee is a combination of:

  • A platform access fee
  • A data usage fee

It’s a complicated billing process—one that was increasingly difficult to manage with manual invoicing.

“Before ChargeOver, one person had to collect all the data every month and create invoices for every customer,” said Chris Rempel, Technical Director at Exosite. “It took a full week every month to go through everything.”


Exosite engineers worked with ChargeOver’s API to integrate Exosite’s internal data systems. It took some work, but the ChargeOver team supported the company as it worked on the integration.

 “They provided us a sandbox account where we could test changes, and they were always available to answer any questions we had.” Chris Rempel, Technical Director at Exosite

“It allowed us to automate everything,” Rempel said. Thanks to the integration, Exosite’s accounting team doesn’t have to pull data into an invoicing tool. Instead, data seamlessly moves from Exosite’s internal systems into ChargeOver’s platform. Invoices, billing, and payment all happen automatically, and customers receive a full, detailed notice of the fees they’re paying and a breakdown of their data usage. “On a day-to-day basis, no one has to look at it,” Rempel added. “Everyone’s able to work in their own tools. We just check it every month to make sure it’s working the way it should.”


Exosite has found ChargeOver’s platform to be stable and reliable. And ChargeOver’s customer service has exceeded Exosite’s expectations. “We had some initial concerns about the maturity of ChargeOver’s platform, but they took an open approach with us,” Rempel said. “They were willing to come on-site and talk to us. They also helped us work through a few bumps we had at the beginning.” Using ChargeOver’s API, Exosite now has a 100% automated billing process. The new system saves a week’s worth of labor in accounting every month. And most importantly, Exosite’s customers are happy.

“Things move along without incident now,” Rempel added. “In the end, it’s turned out really well for everyone.”

“We’re happy, and our customers are happy. The billing we’re doing with ChargeOver just happens. We don’t have the mistakes or problems we sometimes had in the past.” Chris Rempel, Technical Director at Exosite

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