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Infinity Marketing Group Reduces Time Spent on Billing by 80% and Vanquishes Outstanding Receivables Using ChargeOver

Exosite Creates 100% Automated Billing Process with ChargeOver API

Reduction in time spent on billing
Outstanding receivables while using ChargeOver
The effort spent on accounting after switching to ChargeOver


Before they found ChargeOver, Infinity Marketing Group was using another billing system that sent out invoices to their customers. However, for the rest of the billing process, including collecting payments, Infinity Marketing Group had to do it manually. The company was especially worried about their outstanding receivables from customers not making their payments on time.

To combat this, Infinity Marketing Group began to search for a system that allowed for subscription billing and would also allow them to auto-charge customer payments. However, according to Founder and CEO of Infinity Marketing Group, Jason Granger, “It wasn’t easy to find a good subscription invoicing system. There’s a ton of invoicing systems out there but there are very few that are good at subscriptions and recurring revenue models where it can auto charge cards and things like that.”

As they searched for a recurring billing solution, Infinity Marketing Group ran into yet another issue. They already had an existing merchant account with Authorize.Net that they were actively processing payments through. However, all of the recurring billing systems they were finding were incompatible with outside merchant accounts, forcing companies to process payments through them and pay larger fees per transaction.

“All these other systems force you to pay their egregious 3% fee along with everything else, and I enjoy the 1.5%, so I was looking for a company that would allow me to utilize my merchant account and was good at subscriptions.” Jason Granger, Founder and CEO of Infinity Marketing Group


After much searching for a new billing solution, Jason found ChargeOver. He was able to contact a representative right away to answer his questions. “It was nice. I remember ChargeOver has a really easy chat feature on their website. I didn’t have to contact support and go through some email; I just hit the little chat button and people were there to talk to me right away!” said Jason.

Jason was also enthused to learn that ChargeOver’s payment methods feature would allow him to connect his ChargeOver account to his existing Authorize.Net account!

“The ability to use my own merchant system with my own rate was actually my biggest selling point. That one feature alone can save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars.” Jason Granger, Founder and CEO of Infinity Marketing Group

Of course, there were some features that Jason wanted that ChargeOver didn’t already offer. However, Jason got a pleasant surprise when the ChargeOver team took his feature requests and built the new features he needed into their software.

“I’ve asked for features and they just go in and code it,” said Jason. “I feel like I have my own custom billing and reporting system! For the people who do need a lot of customization, you really can’t beat it honestly. Most of these other systems out there, they’re great, they’re nice, but they don’t allow the customization I’ve seen with ChargeOver.”

Throughout his interactions with the ChargeOver team, Jason has continually been impressed with ChargeOver’s customer support.

“I deal with vendors and software all day long; I own a marketing agency and almost everything we do is online based. We have tons of subscriptions to all these different things, and I’ve quite possibly never had a better customer service experience than I have with Chargeover,” said Jason. “I really like working with the ChargeOver team. They make billing about as stress-free as one could hope.” Needless to say, Jason had finally found his recurring billing solution.


Using ChargeOver’s recurring billing has drastically cut down the time and frustration Infinity Marketing Group spends on managing their billing.

“I probably cut own my time dealing with it by about 80%,” said Jason. “I probably spend 20% of the time now dealing with it versus before with my old system, which is big for me because I run the company and have all the other things I have to deal with. I really don’t want to pull my hair out messing with the billing stuff all the time. Once you set ChargeOver up, it keeps doing what you need and you don’t have to pay attention to it too much. When you’re running a business it’s kind of a big deal because every hour counts.”

ChargeOver isn’t just a timesaver though. It has also helped Infinity Marketing Group reduce its accounts receivable! Since ChargeOver can auto-charge credit cards and ACH accounts for customers who opt into auto-pay, the company can collect payments without having to fret and hound customers to remind them to pay their invoices.

As said by Jason, “ChargeOver just-auto charges the card and you’re good to go, so it made it where essentially you almost have absolutely no outstanding receivables whatsoever anymore!”

In addition to automating Infinity Marketing Group’s recurring billing, ChargeOver has also made their accounting significantly quicker, easier, and more accurate due to ChargeOver’s QuickBooks integration feature, which allows all of their new customers, invoices, subscriptions, payments, and more in ChargeOver to sync in real-time to their QuickBooks account.

“My accountant loves ChargeOver,” said Jason. “She doesn’t have to deal with half the stuff she normally would, everything is so automated. Everything we do not only works on the billing system side but we also don’t have to transfer it manually. It all just syncs up now and goes into our accounting which makes our books up to date pretty much at all times, which is really nice.”

All in all, ChargeOver has been instrumental in allowing Infinity Marketing Group to streamline their recurring billing and collection of payments, making their business more efficient and a lot less stressful and time-consuming for the company.

Today, Jason says, “With ChargeOver, the time we have to spend with anything financial really is very little to nothing. I go in there to either add a new client or maybe just change some services or what their prices are but that’s about it, and it’s a really super easy user interface.”

“If a company has recurring billing, ChargeOver is the system they need. It allows you to customize, and it’s a great price too. I tell people it’s a very cost-effective automated solution.” Jason Granger, Founder and CEO of Infinity Marketing Group

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