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Kilo Cuts Accounts Receivable By 90% With Help of ChargeOver's Automated Billing

Exosite Creates 100% Automated Billing Process with ChargeOver API

A month in recovered payments with ChargeOver
Reduction in accounts receivable after using ChargeOver
Missed or declined payments going unnoticed in ChargeOver


Before they found ChargeOver, Kilo had a recurring billing tool, but they needed help to keep track of declined and missed payments–especially as they grew. Without any automatically generated reports to keep track of failed payments, the President of Kilo, Vincent McCauley, was manually tracking a list of customers with missed or declined payments. Not only was this a major hassle and time-consuming task, but it also was putting a strain on the company’s relationships with its customers.

“We found chasing money to be the worst part of our job, and it left a bad taste in the client’s mouth that they knew they had to pay but maybe they couldn’t or money was tight. It just created awkward conversations.” Vincent McCauley, President of Kilo

Kilo needed a new billing solution–one that could keep track of missed and declined payments and act accordingly.


Kilo tested out other billing solutions before they found ChargeOver, but found them lacking in customer support. This was worrying. There was no room for error in managing Kilo’s complex finances, especially when switching over between billing systems.

Luckily, it quickly became clear that ChargeOver was another story. “We knew we could reach out to the ChargeOver team and get an answer if we had questions,” said Vin. “The fact that ChargeOver has responsive support has been crucial to helping us get set up, and now that we are set up, it just runs itself!”

The ChargeOver team helped Kilo transition all of their data securely into ChargeOver. “Since then, ChargeOver has been my favorite software!” said Vin. Once Kilo was set up with ChargeOver, their billing situation improved in a multitude of ways.


With ChargeOver, Kilo no longer need to chase after missed or declined payments. As put by Vin, “If somebody’s card declines, ChargeOver automatically reaches out to them. If their card is going to expire, it prompts them to update their payment method so there is not a decline.”

Not only does this feature take work off the Kilo team’s shoulders, but it has also made a huge financial difference for the company. According to Vin, “ChargeOver’s recurring billing reduced our accounts receivable account by 90%.”

“The only manual interaction we have now is after a customer has been reached out to three or four times from ChargeOver and still hasn’t paid. We basically went from chasing $3,000 a month in missed payments, which would be about $36,000 a year, to now chasing between $200-300 a month.” Vincent McCauley, President of Kilo

With such a huge difference in Kilo’s incoming revenue, ChargeOver more than pays for itself. “Whatever I pay ChargeOver for the software is way less considering how much more I’m making,” said Vin. “I’m literally making more money because I use ChargeOver.”

Kilo has also been able to make signing up and paying for their products easier for their customers by using ChargeOver’s hosted sign-up forms. “We’ve been able to integrate easy and transparent payment links right into our website and just email that out to prospective clients. When they’re ready to get started they can make a payment when it’s comfortable for them,” said Vin.

ChargeOver hasn’t only made the recurring billing process easier and less stressful for customers but has also renewed Vin’s passion and love for his job. “I’ve had an increased enjoyment in my job because ChargeOver removed one of the worst aspects,” he said. Since he switched to ChargeOver recurring billing, Vin has recommended signing up with ChargeOver to several other business owners, so that they can run efficiently and do not have to chase their accounts receivable like Kilo once did.

Kilo has continued to thrive using ChargeOver. According to Vin: “We’re at a good place now. Support’s been great; I’m a big fan of the software. We’re in a really good spot.”

Now that Kilo uses ChargeOver, they and their customers are always alerted when an invoice is overdue or if a payment fails, and ChargeOver makes it easy for customers to make their payments or update their payment information by directly providing them with secure payment and payment method update links.

“ChargeOver has helped reduce my accounts receivable by 90% and helped increase the enjoyment I get out of my business. We’re going to be ChargeOver customers for life!” Vincent McCauley, President of Kilo

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