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Automated Client Payments, Improved Sales Rep Workflow, and Saving $30,000+ in the Process


Accounting hours per month saved


Saved each year in labor


Client accounts managed


Lure Creative’s billing and payment process was becoming unmanageable as they added customer volume. The marketing agency’s services were scheduled, tracked, and billed manually for 200+ clients—with hopes that nothing would be overlooked. That wasn’t efficient enough for Ryan Parshall, Lure Creative’s president and founder. He wanted billing to be smooth, seamless, and easy. That’s when he found ChargeOver. Now, payments happen automatically. Because of ChargeOver, Lure Creative saves over 40 accounting hours a month—totalling over $30,000 per year in labor.

About Lure Creative

Lure Creative is a HubSpot Certified marketing agency that provides lead-generation services to clients through high-performing websites and inbound marketing. Founded in 2007 by marketing expert Ryan Parshall, Lure Creative now employs 14 people at its headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas.


The Problem

Ryan Parshall was looking for a solution. Parshall founded Lure Creative in 2007 with a single client. Since then, the Kansas City-based marketing agency has grown to 14 employees and 230+ clients. But growth brings challenges... and client payments were becoming one of those challenges. “It was really messy when we just had an accounting person that did all the billing,” Parshall said. “We had a manual process through Quickbooks to make sure she charged every service a client used each month.” Parshall went looking for a better way to collect payments. Over several years, Lure Creative tried different payment products, looking for a solution that met its needs. “We needed a system without glitches—one that managed all our customer subscription information and offered financial reports that could help us grow sales,”Parshall said. The team tried one solution after another. Nothing worked. Then, Ryan came across ChargeOver. The stage was set for a major upgrade of Lure Creative’s billing process.


The Solution

Within hours, Parshall and his team uploaded data for all of Lure Creative’s accounts in ChargeOver. Sales reps then set up automated billing for clients with recurring services. Since then, the billing process has worked significantly better for both Lure Creative and its clients. “Before, we had a hard time billing recurring revenue streams,” said Joe Brennan, Senior Marketing Consultant at Lure Creative. “Now, it just takes minutes to automate and schedule what we need, all within a dashboard.” Instead of manually creating and sending invoices for services, ChargeOver uses a simple recurring payment to a client’s credit card. And if a credit card doesn’t process, ChargeOver sends an automated email asking the client to update it. “I love that we don’t have to spend time chasing down credit card numbers,” Parshall said. “It’s lean. It’s efficient. It’s why we don’t need a huge accounting staff.” Clients appreciate the new process too. In the past, it wasn’t always clear what they were being charged for or why. But with ChargeOver, everything is clearly described on a single monthly bill. “Our clients appreciate it,” Parshall added. “They enjoy that it’s all coming in one bill so smoothly and shows the details they want.”


The Result

Lure Creative now enjoys on-time payments from customers, steady revenue, and happier clients. Parshall also credits ChargeOver for saving thousands of dollars in labor for his company. “Ballpark, I’d say we save more than $30,000 a year in accounting labor thanks to ChargeOver,” Parshall said. Lure Creative staff has also been impressed with ChargeOver’s user experience and support. “ChargeOver is extremely easy to use,” said Joey Lucas, Web Marketing Consultant. “When I do have an issue, I can call the helpline and they almost always have a solution for me within minutes. You don’t see that kind of service much anymore, but with ChargeOver, it seems to be the norm.” Parshall agreed. “ChargeOver sets themselves apart with its customer service,” he said. “There aren’t many companies with a great product who are also great at customer service. But ChargeOver excels at both. That’s why I recommend it so highly to anyone looking for a payment solution.”

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