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NetSafe Solutions Frees Staff Resources After Adopting ChargeOver


years in business


other systems tried before ChargeOver


full-time position worth of administrative work eliminated


NetSafe Solutions is a growing managed IT solutions provider for small to mid-sized businesses. The company used ChargeOver to automate its billing, invoicing, and payment process with customers. The change allowed NetSafe Solutions to shift staff resources away from administrative tasks—replacing them with a sales position to grow the business even faster than it was before.

About NetSafe Solutions

Netsafe Solutions provides IT solutions support and IT outsourcing. Its services include desktop support, server support, security, virtualization, off-site storage, cloud services, and installation. It specializes in serving small to mid-sized businesses ranging from 5–400 employees.


The Problem

NetSafe Solutions CEO George Hayner had a problem.

Business was going well. His company was growing—consistently adding new clients to its monthly managed IT services offering.

The struggle?

NetSafe Solutions bills customers monthly, but Hayner and his team were having trouble managing client billing and payments every month.

“We were sending invoices from QuickBooks, but it wasn’t easy to use” Hayner said. “We had to figure out what each customer needed, then create and send each invoice individually.”

“It took us a lot of time every month to work through it,” Hayner added.

He and his team went looking for an automated billing solution to relieve the burden.


The Solution

After trying two other payment processors, NetSafe Solutions signed up for a trial with ChargeOver.

With the help of ChargeOver’s support team, NetSafe Solutions moved all estimating, quotes, invoicing, and receiving into ChargeOver. The team then integrated ChargeOver directly into QuickBooks system using ChargeOver’s API.

“We had a few kinks to work out at first,” Hayner said of the process. “But ChargeOver was very effective at bug fixing. Whoever was working with us just fixed whatever problem we had.”

NetSafe Solutions also set up ChargeOver to calculate sales taxes automatically based on zip codes, something that had been a problem in the past.

“It’s difficult to keep track of changing tax code information,” Hayner said. “But since we put all that data in ChargeOver, the system takes care of it. Sales tax completely stopped being a problem for us.”


The Result

Thanks to ChargeOver, NetSafe Solutions’ billing, invoicing, and payments are now automated.

“ChargeOver made it so easy,” Hayner said. “Customers get their bill by email, and most of them pay immediately because their credit cards are already on file.”

The change has been more than a convenience.

Instead of a full-time employee managing invoices, billing, invoicing, and payments, the process is now handled in a few hours a month by an assistant.

That has allowed NetSafe Solutions to shift staff resources away from administrative tasks—replacing them with activities that will grow the company’s bottom line.

As a result, the team added a new sales assistant, a role that will help the company continue to grow its customer base.

“We cut a person’s worth of work by switching to ChargeOver,” Hayner said. “It really has changed the way we do business. It’s made everything easier—without us having to hire a bookkeeper.”

The change has also freed Hayner to focus his efforts on the strategy of his business, instead of getting caught up in daily payments and invoices.

“To build a business, you have to stop being your best employee,” Hayner said. “ChargeOver has allowed us to do this.”

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