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Timesheet Mobile Grows to Hundreds of Customers With Help of Automated Billing


less time spent on billing every month.

2 fewer

full-time employees required in accounting


client accounts making automated payments through ChargeOver


Timesheet Mobile used ChargeOver’s API to integrate its software platform with ChargeOver’s billing solution. As a result, hundreds of Timesheet Mobile’s customers automatically receive detailed, accurate invoices every month. Payment is managed automatically. And no one from Timesheet Mobile has to run hundreds of reports every month to determine customer usage.

About Timesheet Mobile

Timesheet Mobile helps businesses accurately track the work times and GPS location of mobile employees using mobile apps, cell phones, and traditional land-line phones.


The Problem

Timesheet Mobile’s development team knew they needed an automated billing solution. Timesheet Mobile’s service allows companies to accurately track mobile employees through mobile phones and traditional land-line phones. For example, a plumbing company might use Timesheet Mobile’s iPhone app to have employees “punch in” when they arrive at a job. When finished, employees “punch out” using the same mobile app. The problem for Timesheet Mobile? The company’s billing model is based on usage. Before implementing an automated billing process, someone in Timesheet Mobile’s accounting department had to run a usage report every month, then manually invoice customers based on the data. “Back then, we’d run a piece of software that ran through each account one by one, then calculated how many people used it,” said Bob Drainville, president of Timesheet Mobile. The tedious work slowed progress for the Timesheet Mobile team, which wanted to invest in development, engineering, and marketing—not administrative tasks such as billing. That meant they needed a way to automatically bill users for their usage every month—instead of doing it all manually.


The Solution

The Timesheet Mobile team partnered with ChargeOver to dramatically improve the company’s billing and collection process. The company worked with ChargeOver’s API to set up the integration they needed. The result? Timesheet Mobile now handles all recurring transactions through the ChargeOver platform:

  • Payments are collected automatically using a credit card on file for each customer.
  • Each of Timesheet Mobile’s customers receives a detailed monthly statement showing usage during the previous month.

“ChargeOver does everything for us automatically,” Drainville said. “We just look at what’s being collected.” The only follow-up required is an occasional request to a customer who needs to update an expired card. “The system sends a reminder, but sometimes people don’t get around to fixing their card, so we follow up,” said Drainville. “Other than that, everything runs in the background, just like it should.”


The Result

According to Drainville, ChareOver’s automated billing has been a key factor in the company’s growth. “It wouldn’t have been possible for us to grow the way we have without ChargeOver,” Drainville said. “We’d be in big trouble without them.” Automated billing allows Timesheet Mobile to invest in research, development, and growth—instead of administrative tasks. “We’d much rather invest in labor and development instead of things like manual invoicing,” Drainville said. “It lets us allocate our resources to tasks that help us grow.” The savings and productivity gains have been tangible, freeing tens of thousands of dollars for investment in growth-minded activities. “If we were using our old manual billing process today, we’d need two full-time people just doing billing to make everything work,” Drainville added. Drainville recommends CharegeOver to any company in search of an automated billing provider. “If you need recurring billing and invoicing, ChargeOver just works,” Drainville said. “I’d recommend it to anyone.”

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