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ChargeOver’s recurring billing software makes it easier to manage your memberships.

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Every gym or fitness center has its share of dedicated members who pay faithfully each month and those impulsive newbies who may visit the facility once and never work out – or pay – again. Manage both these types of members effortlessly with ChargeOver’s recurring gym membership billing software.

Never Fall Behind

With ChargeOver as your gym’s recurring invoicing software, you never have to worry about falling behind in your billing or collection activities due to human error. ChargeOver can be set up to complete the following tasks for you:

  • Generate and send your recurring invoices
  • Charge credit cards automatically
  • Follow up with customers about late payments and failed credit card charges
  • Automatically cancel billing packages if customers fail to pay

Just because ChargeOver is automated doesn’t mean it can’t be flexible too. Our software can be configured to accommodate free trials as well as special pricing or other perks for your members. All of the communications generated by ChargeOver can be branded with your company logo and customized with your own text.

Get Paid

If you have an old, outdated billing system or are still processing payments manually from a spreadsheet, your monthly payment processing activities can be a huge time drag. ChargeOver helps you save time and increase accuracy because we offer a secure, online billing portal that provides:

  • 24/7 member access to account history, invoices & payments
  • Integration with your existing merchant account
  • Customized branding and text
  • Automatic credit card payment processing

Keep Your Accountant Happy

Because ChargeOver integrates with QuickBooks, tracking invoices and payments is effortless. We’ve worked hard with Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks, to ensure that ChargeOver’s QuickBooks integration is reliable, accurate, and secure.

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