You’re going to see the difference with premium recurring payment software for property management

Maximize collections and minimize tenant disputes

A snapshot of how ChargeOver changes business for property management

  • Create flexible custom payment plans
  • Automate monthly collections
  • Streamline accounting and invoice creation
  • Never chase another payment again

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Property Manager,

You know how frustrating collections can be. If you manage your own property, bounced checks and late payments can be a frequent headache. And if you manage property for someone else, there’s the added burden of having to explain past-due collections to your client, the property owner. But what if there was an easier, better, more streamlined way to manage rent collection at your business?

When tenants aren’t paying on time, it increases your workload, and results in a number of familiar headaches, including:

  • Having to “chase” after tenants for payments.
  • Tenants demanding extra time to pay.
  • Landlords/clients demanding more consistent collection rates.

With ChargeOver, payees are charged automatically at each billing cycle, ensuring high collection rates and prompt payment. The software also comes with a host of powerful features, including the ability to synchronize financial data from invoices to your accounting software instantly. For property managers, that means:

  • Less time spent manually chasing rent.
  • Higher collection rates.
  • Fewer disputes.
  • Less time and money spent on spreadsheets and financial data.
  • Better relationships with tenants and landlords.

Never Chase Another Rent Payment Again

ChargeOver’s most powerful benefit for property managers is the ability to automate monthly payments.

It’s as easy as adding a tenant, specifying payment terms, and letting us handle the rest at the end of each month. Tenant’s credit cards are billed automatically, dramatically minimizing the time you spend actively trying to collect.

This leaves you with more free time to focus on other pressing concerns at your business.

Ready to make your subscription billing easier?

Here’s a 4-min tour of how ChargeOver can decrease the time you spend on billing.

There are great benefits of having automated, recurring rent collection:

  1. Maximize Collections
  2. Save Time on Data Entry and Invoice Creation
  3. Set Up New Tenants Easily
  4. Get Started Instantly

How to set up recurring retainer payments for your company


Create a ChargeOver account in just a few minutes. Customize your client payment plans. Create as many plans as you wish, with options such as tax rates, discounts, payment terms and more.


Add or update customers, use the easy import tool or the hosted (and custom-branded) signup form. Once a client is added, you can set up a retainer for them instantly.


When it’s time for a payment, ChargeOver generates the invoice and charges the client account instantly.

“There aren’t many companies with a great product who are also great at customer service. But ChargeOver excels at both. That’s why I recommend it so highly to anyone looking for a payment solution.”
Ryan Parshall
President of Lure Creative

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