How to Grow an Extra Hand

Part 1/3: Payment Reminders

Are you being held back by customers making late payments? Tracking down customer information and gathering payments takes away valuable time that you need to grow your business. Everything would be so much easier with an extra hand. Have you implemented something as simple as payment reminders? (aka Dunning & Reminders) They can make these issues vanish from the start.In this chapter, you’re going to get expertise on the topic of chasing down payments.

You’ll learn from THE Customer Success Director, Chris Dub about the ins and outs of payment reminders. In this brief webinar, we will cover:
- The pain points of teams who handle billing and delinquent payments.
- What to do when you can’t hire someone to focus only on your invoices, or billing management.
- The tools and integrations that will make your life easier.
- Building better customer relationships through automated communications.
- How to build a better process to recover payments almost hands-free!
- How you can save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars every year.

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