2023 August Newsletter

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Unsurprisingly, companies and agencies say they’re burned out from constantly trying to sell to new subscribers because their churn rates are rising. Customers seem to be bouncing just as fast as they are signing up. Why is that? What can be done? Am I crazy or did that customer go to your competitor—who doesn’t have as good of a product?

The truth is, many subscribers may like the services that you provide, but the way you treat them while billing may be turning them away.

Let’s keep those current subscribers happy! We have a featured article this month Why customers cancel subscriptions—8 reasons your churn rate may be increasing. Which details eight reasons customers are canceling and some solutions to lower churn.

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App Updates:

REST API endpoint to set (or unset) the payment method for all scheduled payments on an invoice

As of July 10th, ChargeOver added a new REST API endpoint, which let’s you set (or unset) the payment method for an invoice. Things to note about this update:

  • If the invoice was created from a subscription, this updates the subscription payment method.
  • If the invoice has scheduled payments attached, this updates the payment method for all attached scheduled payments.
  • If the invoice is not from an invoice, and has no attached scheduled payments, this method does nothing.

If you want to remove any payment methods from the scheduled payments/subscription, you can set a payment method of paymethod: "inv".

Developer docs: https://developer.chargeover.com/apidocs/rest/#set-invoice-paymethod

“Last logged in” and “# of logins” available on ALL CONTACTS report

Two new columns added to the “All Contacts” report: “Last Logged In”, and “# of logins”

Two new columns are now available on the All Contacts report:

  • Last Logged In - this is the date/time the contact has last logged in to the ChargeOver customer portal
  • # of logins - this is the # of times a contact has logged in to the ChargeOver customer portal

For additional information, check out this article on the ChargeOver Help Center: All Contacts Report

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