2023 June Newsletter

Kenzie Kirchoff
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In this article:

“It hadn’t occurred to me how much time we were spending trying to chase down clients who had declined payments until we tried ChargeOver.”

Challenge: This month, track how much time you spend on creating invoices and tracking down missed or declined payments. When you have a million tasks to complete, your time is extra valuable. ChargeOver customers get more time in their work day to grow their businesses and spend less time on repetitive billing tasks. Time is money, and ChargeOver users save each month on labor alone.

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App Updates:

Quickbooks Online—Corresponding Assets

Made available June 1st—You can now click the icon link in ChargeOver to go directly to the corresponding QuickBooks Online customer, invoice, or payment. See the icon at the end of the red arrow in the image below.

REST API Updates:

Scheduled Invoice Payment

We’ve added some additional attributes to the response received when fetching specific transactions (payments, credits, refunds, etc.) via the REST API.  Specifically, attributes that let users identify which scheduled invoice payment was paid for.

Check out the details on REST API Object Attributes and get more information about ChargeOver’s developer docs on developer.chargeover.com

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