2023 July Newsletter

Kenzie Kirchoff
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App Updates:

New Default Brand Setting

There is a new setting on the Brands Add-On page. Merchants can select which brand they’d like to be default. There is a dropdown menu showing the brands to choose from. This allows customers to be able to set a default brand on their own.

New Ability to Create Additional Contacts on New Customer Page

Now you have the ability to add additional contacts when creating a new customer. There is no limit to the amount of contacts that can be added. Additional contacts can be added at the same time as the new customer is created.

New Setting to Show Service Dates on Invoices

An Invoicing setting has been added. It allows you to choose to display service dates under the SUMMARY on invoices that are not one-time only. You may choose to show service dates in advance, in arrears, or to not show service dates at all. However, this setting defaults to not showing service dates.

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