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Email providers are cracking down on spam.

Want to make sure customers get your emails?Set up DKIM and SPF

Google, Yahoo, and other large email providers are combating spam and scam emails. As part of this effort, Google and Yahoo are encouraging everyone to make sure your emails are DKIM-signed and SPF-verified (two industry-standard technologies used to verify email authenticity).

If you want your emails to be delivered, ChargeOver highly recommends you set up DKIM and SPF.

Need to know how? ChargeOver makes it quick and easy. Check out this Help Center article Improving Email Deliverability for additional information and a guide on how to get it done so that your customers are not missing out on your important emails.


šŸŽ‰ Update: REST API metered usage options for rounding uploaded amounts

ChargeOver has added additional options to round or cell uploaded metered data.

For example, rather than presenting your customer with a bill for 10.62362 gigabytes or 621.72842 minutes , you can have ChargeOver automatically round these numbers (either up or down) to nicer customer-facing numbers like 11 gigabytes or 622 minutes.

For the API docs, Check out this page on Ceils

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