2023 May Newsletter

Kenzie Kirchoff
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Chasing down payments should be a thing of the past. Valuable time that you need to focus on your business is wasted by tracking down customers. Now is the time to set up an automated dunning and reminders process! Between the stress of hounding a customer and the relief of having a system in place that consistently gets the job done, you’ll be feeling much better.

“Approximately 5% of recurring payments per month will not be collected.”

The Case For Automated Dunning s a quick read on the highlights of having an automated workflow. It explains a few reasons why customer bills go unpaid and how automating it can make immediate improvements.

“There are other ways to encourage customers to pay promptly as well. For some businesses, late fees may help encourage customers to take action. Use ChargeOver to automatically assess late fees based on a flat dollar amount, or percentage of the invoice — Late Fees for Overdue / Late Invoices. If you need to give a customer a few extra days, you can always exclude them from late fees — Exclude a specific customer from late fees

Another article called Minimize missed payments with dunning and reminders dives into the ways ChargeOver can specifically improve your workflow and have the flexibility you need to serve your customers.

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Updates and features

Push your ChargeOver contacts into your SendGrid Marketing Campaigns, or Mailchimp lists

Did you know you can push your ChargeOver contact list into your SendGrid Marketing Campaigns, or your Mailchimp lists?

ChargeOver can automatically send contact information into Mailchimp or SendGrid Marketing Campaigns. Use the contact list to market to your existing customers and encourage upsells, notify users about new features, etc.

In additional their email address, ChargeOver pushes attributes like the contact first/last name, billing address, customer status, and more so you can filter and slice-and-dice your lists in Mailchimp or SendGrid.



Ref some recent changes and help articles:



Unvoiding Payments is Now an Option!

ChargeOver users can now enable the ability to unvoid payments and reverse the action. There are a few steps that you’ll need to take in order to be able to have the ability. Please check out the Help Center article How to unvoid a payment to see the step-by-step process.


Update to unsuspending a subscription

Users will now be prompted for the date they would like the next invoice to be created on.

If you choose a future date, the next invoice will be on the date you chose.

If you choose today's date, an invoice will be immediately created and you'll be prompted to email or schedule payments on the invoice.

For instructions, see How do I unsuspend a subscription on the Help Center. https://help.chargeover.com/en/articles/15-how-do-i-unsuspend-a-subscription


Developer Content

Filtering Events

ChargeOver has the ability for you to tailor your webhooks to specific needs by choosing the events that you want to be notified about. This helps you stay informed without being overwhelmed by notifications that may not be as relevant to your business.

To get more information on filtering webhook events, read the full article Filtering Events on developer.chargeover.com   https://developer.chargeover.com/apidocs/webhooks/#filtering-events

Webhooks supported by ChargeOver: https://developer.chargeover.com/apidocs/webhooks/#ref-list

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