2023’s Most Notable Digital Marketing Agencies Worldwide

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We are halfway through 2023 and as we know, the agency world never sleeps. Determining the most popular digital marketing agencies can be subjective and may vary based on factors such as industry recognition, client reviews, and overall reputation.

Here are the current top-ranked and widely regarded digital marketing agencies of 2023:

  • WPP: As one of the world's largest advertising and marketing services groups, WPP operates several leading agencies, including Ogilvy, Grey, and Wunderman Thompson.
  • Publicis Groupe: Another major advertising and communications company, Publicis Groupe owns renowned agencies like Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi, and Digitas.
  • Omnicom Group: Omnicom Group encompasses prominent agencies such as BBDO, DDB Worldwide, and TBWA Worldwide, offering a comprehensive range of marketing and communication services.
  • Havas Group: Havas Group comprises agencies like Havas Worldwide, Arnold Worldwide, and Havas Media, delivering integrated marketing solutions globally.
  • Accenture Song: Accenture Song is a digital agency that combines technology, design, and marketing capabilities, helping clients transform their customer experiences.
  • Dentsu: Dentsu is a leading marketing communications network with agencies like Dentsu International, Isobar, and Merkle, offering digital marketing and media services.
  • iProspect: iProspect is a global digital performance marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and conversion rate optimization.
  • VMLY&R: VMLY&R is a full-service digital marketing agency known for its creative campaigns, brand strategy, and customer experience solutions.
  • R/GA: R/GA is an innovative agency that combines creativity and technology to provide services in branding, design, digital marketing, and product development.

It's important to note that the digital marketing landscape is vast, and there are thousands of impressive and reputable agencies with unique specializations and expertise. The popularity and reputation of an agency may also depend on specific regions or industries. Conducting thorough research and considering specific business requirements can help identify the right digital marketing agency for a particular project or partnership.

What all of these agencies have in common are retainer customers or as we refer to them—subscribers. A subscriber's project length can vary from a couple of months to many years if they claim the agency as their Agency of Record.

While the project lengths vary, the majority are billed on a cycled schedule. These recurring invoices are sent out monthly, quarterly, or even yearly. A small digital marketing agency may thrive off of a few customers. However, bigger digital marketing agencies require more in order to pay for their overhead and make a profit. But how do agencies with many clients who have different types of projects—at different costs—organized? Reliable, flexible, and automated recurring billing software. Yes, of course, that is our answer, but the reasoning is behind the results that happen. Let’s break down the 3 keys (plus a few bonuses) of using automated recurring billing software for a digital marketing agency.

  • Reliable: Manual labor has the power to finesse unique solutions. However, it leaves a lot of room for human errors. By using payment solution software, the likelihood of errors drastically decreases. You can depend on the software to deliver invoices on time, distribute consistent deliverables, and give accurate reports. With less time spent making corrections, companies have more time.
  • Flexible: Some billing software acts like a “cookie-cutter.” You are forced to make your billings fit into their mold. However, software like ChargeOver has the flexibility for even the most complicated of subscription billing and recurring payments. We jokingly refer to it as “untangling the spaghetti.”
  • Automated: With recurring payments comes a lot of repetitive tasks. The time it takes to do each task adds up. Take a moment to calculate how long it takes to put together the invoices, send them out, communicate with customers that missed the due day, send the payments through processing, record those data points, and formulate a report … Ok, now multiply the number of hours by your estimated hourly rate. Did you realize that you’re wasting billable hours on a workflow that could be improved and save you money?
  • CFOs, Accountants, & Bookkeepers' secret weapon is subscription billing software: It’s no secret that these folks are good with numbers. CFOs love having a recurring billing tool in their back pocket to manage repetitive workflows while they tackle new business projects. Accountants and bookkeepers utilize subscription billing software so that they can consistently serve multiple clients without errors. Dunning and reminders are key features that run independently to keep customers paying on time and to keep agencies from chasing down payments. With payment reminders automated, the stress diminishes greatly.

Billing retainer clients can be less complicated with subscription billing software. ChargeOver provides a reliable, flexible, and automated solution that will save you hours of time and recover payments quicker so that your agency can focus on growing.\ \ For a free consultation and demo of ChargeOver, Schedule a 20-min Demo and we can discuss your company's unique challenges—and provide some solutions!

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