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2023 November Newsletter

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2023 November Newsletter

Wishing for a clone of yourself to help tackle all your work tasks?

I have watched enough movies to know making a clone of oneself never goes well. 😬 Instead, let’s break down your workload…

  • How much time is spent in meetings?
  • How much time is spent on current customer relationships?
  • How much time is spent growing your business or talking to new customers?
  • How much time is spent doing THE WORK?
  • How much time is spent making invoices, organizing billing, and chasing down payments?

While we can suggest implementing great tools like Slack, Zapier, Mailchimp, Xero/QB, and Salesforce or Hubspot (we love them all) for streamlining your workflow—We can give you the “best clone” of yourself with ChargeOver.

ChargeOver is easy to set up. It’s agile enough to untangle complicated subscription formulas (Hello 🎄HOLIDAY SALES🎁 discount season!) and it’s simple enough to let run in the background while you focus on all the other responsibilities you have.

Ready to start the cloning process get started?

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Newest Partner Update

Welcome Valerian

WordPress websites and white-label partnerships for creative agencies built with their well-being in mind. They create websites that are beautiful and effective for business owners, creatives, and entrepreneurs.

Valerian has partnered with ChargeOver to add one more level of service and expertise to their skill set. With ChargeOver, Valerian can make referrals to customers who send recurring invoices—and need help managing their payments. This collaboration will help Valerian’s customers succeed because their customers can finally get the second set of hands they need to complete their billing tasks while growing their business.

For more partnership information, contact Bryan Vohnoutka.

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App Updates & New Features

Featured Update: Dunning & Reminders

In case you missed this major improvement, the dunning and reminders feature update was released mid-September!

The dunning processes got a big upgrade in terms of configurability! Users can now control which invoices that are being dunned based on many different data points. Users have direct control on when ChargeOver duns invoices and exactly what action will be taken.

Some general benefits of this update include:

  1. This update further automates user workflows to cut back time spent collecting customer payments.
  2. Users have additional fine-tuned control on which invoices are being dunned and when.
  3. The update will continue to reduce the outstanding balance of AR for users.

Instances that don’t have any dunning configured on the legacy implementation currently default to the new dunning settings. All legacy dunning instances were migrated on 9/18/23.

For more information, refer to our Help Center article: Dunning & Reminders

Updated Feature: Adding Classes to Quotes for Quickbooks Users

This feature is for our customers who utilize our Quickbooks Desktop integration for class tracking. Now users can add classes to quotes.

Updated Feature: Hosted Signup Pages now support dropdown state select (For Canada and USA)

Available as of Oct 30th, Hosted Sign Up pages now have pre-populated options for states/provinces.

Long gone are the days of customers entering shorthand or misspelled states/provinces when signing up for a product through hosted sign-up pages! When a customer selects Canada or United States for their shipping or billing address, they will now be able to choose from a dropdown of states/provinces. No more ‘Sask’ or ‘Bama’.

New Custom Field Type: Richtext/HTML

Launched November 1st, users can now add a rich text/html custom field. This field is available on all field objects, from Products & Discounts to Customers & Invoices.

For more information on custom fields, check out the Help Center section for Objects that Support Custom Fields

For questions about updates and new features, reach out via Live-Chat or email support@chargeover.com

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